Wednesday, 26 September 2012



The first Maybach Music Group collabo alb was sick
and i loved it, despite never being that big a fan of Rick Ross.
After that things went downhill fast for me. Pill left, Wale
didn't deliver with his sophomore alb, and especially the 2nd
MMG album which was the biggest letdown. So i wasn't
particularly looking forward to this one.
But Ricky Rozay knows how to choose production and pick
tracks that would make anyone sound rich.
Still not a fan per se, but this album did surprise me
and has some really tight tracks on it. The opening
tracks 'Pirates' & '3 Kings' are superb, especially the latter
which has Ross coming real tight with his verse alongside
Dr. Dre and Jiggaman. And that beat is incredible!
Things stay steady with solid tracks following one another,
until 'Hold Me Back' & '911' change up the feel of the alb.
Typical MMG-type beats, but they're the ones that made MMG1
so dope, so still no complaining and the alb still flows.
It all turns mellow again with the RnB-type joints.
'Presidential', 'Ice Cold', 'Touch N You', 'Dices Pineapples'
range from ok-ish (Touch N You) to good (Presidential) to great
(Diced Pineapples) to superb (the excellent 'Ice Cold').
And then 'Ten Jesus Pieces' drops. Fuck me runnin! That track is
so sick and one of the year's finest. Awesome joint!
The two bonus tracks from the deluxe version with Nas
and John Legend are pretty fly and finish the alb nicely.
1. Pray For Us
2. Pirates 5/5
3. 3 Kings 5/5
4. Ashamed 3.5/5
5. Maybach Music IV 4/5
6. Sixteen 3.5/5
7. Amsterdam 4/5
8. Hold Me Back 4.5/5
9. 911 4/5
10. So Sophisticated 3.5/5
11. Presidential 4/5
12. Ice Cold 5/5
13. Touch N You 3/5
14. Diced Pineapples 5/5
15. Ten Jesus Pieces 5/5
16. Triple Beam Dreams 5/5
17. Rich Forever 5/5
Overall though, this album is pretty cohesive, feels complete
and just flow through your speakers. If you're a Ross fan, i can
see this being one your favourites this year. It really is
a great album, just depends on what you like here.
For me, i was actually surprised and find myself getting more
hooked to it the more i hear it. Shit's fly basically!
Overall Score: 9/10