Sunday, 28 April 2013


That time again to look forward to some new Bay Area releases 
that got my interest sparked like a muthafucka! 
I know some of the previous "coming soon"'s are still just that
(Drug War 2?? Anyone?), but some of these releases really
deserve to be mentioned. Berner & San Quinn's collabo for one
has got me fiendin for that shit like you wouldn't believe!
Same goes for the new Bullys Wit Fullys, with Guce hooking up
with The Jacka this time (this oughta be fantastic!).
Anyway, here are some of them upcoming slaps:

Seriously, these type of collabo albums are what
make the Bay so damn dope. Not sure why they decided
on that title though, Yukmouth & Blanco already had
their Cookies & Cream. Still...I can't fuckin wait!
Like I said, this should be a great release
seeing how much i love these two artists.
I do wonder where this one stands:
Might have been first choice to make number 4 with
Philthy, or this is a fan's cover, or a mixtape? Dunno.
In any case, i'm stoked 'bout Guce & The Jacka together.
Relentless had some dope cuts but overall was
kind of a letdown for me, being a huge 9 fan.
But based on the track 'Funky Expedition',
i'm expecting big things once again! Can't wait!
Dope covers like this already hook me in. 
Stevie Joe's a beast and sometimes hard to get
used to, but i got a feeling this'll have the proper
production behind him to make another solid release.
Not sure about this one or if this is even legit,
but you never know with Stalin. His last album
"Return Of The Body Snatchers" came outta nowhere
and blew me away. That shit was tight!
And to end this, Amp's second Krazies album!
The first one was pretty damn awesome.
Let's hope this'll have similar production because
Anthony kills it every time with his tight flows. 
And i want Devilz Rejectz 3 already!! C'mon son!

Friday, 12 April 2013


Jesus Fuckin Christ!
It's a wrap y'all! Ghost Deini has done it! The curtains have closed!
What we have right here folks? Hands down the best Rap album of 2013!
There is, and prolly won't be no competition. I am fuckin ecstatic!
I might even be as bold and say this could very well be
one of the best albums of the last 10 years!
I mean, oh my lord! Have mercy!

If you are a Wu fan or a Rap fan in general and not
acknowledge with me right now how truly spectacular this album is,
you can take your Asap's, Tyler's, Wayne's and Future's and jump
off a cliff in front of my eyes so i can marvel at the death
of pussy faggot rap and give it all one last middle finger up! Ha!

No seriously, Adrian Younge and the almighty Ghostface Killah
have created a masterpiece 2013. A masterpiece.
20 years after Enter the Wu.

For me, music to move me, has to have that one thing that
makes it all worth while: whatever genre.
With rap, if you add the perfect flow, perfect rhymes & rhytmn,
you've got something that makes this genre one of the best
musical experiences there is. And with this album
Ghostface & Adrian nailed every single aspect.

The production, so very wu, is flat out amazing and
i think even surpasses RZA's in some way.
The choice of instruments, the melodies (!), 
the vintage drum patterns and sounds, and even the
choice of opera-like approach to vocal parts.
It's all just so damn exquisite! I love every second of it!

As for Ghost, you know he's been so on point with everything he ever did
and never disappointed, but you know the production is that extra special
if you have Ghost shining like this. He kills every word, every line, and 
as such a big fan, it is truly a blessing to hear something so fantastic.
This is up there with his finest work. Time will tell where the alb
stands amongst the rest of his incredible ouvre, but i have a feeling
it will be in his top 3 albums of all. And that's a tough feat!

Add to that, nothing but Clan features (Killa Sin is Wu yo!), and we finally
have the best WU release since the first clan members solo's started to
come out back in the mid 90's. Liquid Swords, Iron Man, Cuban Linx, etc...

This album could've easily been released 20 years ago and would
have blown me and the rap world away just the same
(perhaps for different reasons, but still...)
This is hip-hop at it's finest. Period.
I cannot praise this enough.

This really is a wrap. 
Listen, marvel, be amazed and soak it all in.
Praise god, 
and his name is Ghostface!
Overall Score: 10/10