Sunday, 28 April 2013


That time again to look forward to some new Bay Area releases 
that got my interest sparked like a muthafucka! 
I know some of the previous "coming soon"'s are still just that
(Drug War 2?? Anyone?), but some of these releases really
deserve to be mentioned. Berner & San Quinn's collabo for one
has got me fiendin for that shit like you wouldn't believe!
Same goes for the new Bullys Wit Fullys, with Guce hooking up
with The Jacka this time (this oughta be fantastic!).
Anyway, here are some of them upcoming slaps:

Seriously, these type of collabo albums are what
make the Bay so damn dope. Not sure why they decided
on that title though, Yukmouth & Blanco already had
their Cookies & Cream. Still...I can't fuckin wait!
Like I said, this should be a great release
seeing how much i love these two artists.
I do wonder where this one stands:
Might have been first choice to make number 4 with
Philthy, or this is a fan's cover, or a mixtape? Dunno.
In any case, i'm stoked 'bout Guce & The Jacka together.
Relentless had some dope cuts but overall was
kind of a letdown for me, being a huge 9 fan.
But based on the track 'Funky Expedition',
i'm expecting big things once again! Can't wait!
Dope covers like this already hook me in. 
Stevie Joe's a beast and sometimes hard to get
used to, but i got a feeling this'll have the proper
production behind him to make another solid release.
Not sure about this one or if this is even legit,
but you never know with Stalin. His last album
"Return Of The Body Snatchers" came outta nowhere
and blew me away. That shit was tight!
And to end this, Amp's second Krazies album!
The first one was pretty damn awesome.
Let's hope this'll have similar production because
Anthony kills it every time with his tight flows. 
And i want Devilz Rejectz 3 already!! C'mon son!

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