Sunday, 28 October 2012


That time again to look at some up and coming new releases 
from the Bay Area...the most consistent area in the game...
Again, some real tight collabo albs in the making:
Berner & The Jacka once more (so excited about this),
Rydah J. Klyde & Fed-X (drop already!!), J-Diggs &
Philthy Rich (could be interesting) and of course in the
making since forever and top of my list: Too Short & E40.

Friday, 26 October 2012



Jesus FUCK! After two ok-ish mixtapes that had
some tight tracks on it, i sure was looking forward to
Meek dropping this but i did not expect it to be this
fuckin good! This might be the best album yet from 
the whole MMG camp. Bumped it for like 4 hours straight
front to back and still fiending for more!

1. Dreams And Nightmares
What a beautiful intro huh. And then...Meek isn't finished yo...hollup! 
Man that change-over has got to be one of the best in rap ever 
(besides Lil Wyte's "I Know You Strapped"). Mean mug like a muthafucka 
and get ready for one hell of ride! This sets the album off 
oh so perfectly. Sublime shiznit! 5/5
2. In God We Trust
This one keep the rawness coming with dope lyrics
although i'm missing something here melody-wise,
but still a pretty tight joint. 4/5
3. Young And Getting It
Just too damn catchy and the autotune for once makes
it even better. I hate kid cudi for real and even though
this sounds like one of his hooks, i don't care.
This track bumps and has so much more going for it. 5/5
4. Traumatized
Very nice sample interpolation here. Meek is killing it
on the accapella's and his timing and flow is just perfect.
Lovin the drums here too, perfect choice. 5/5
5. Believe It ft Rick Ross
Pfew, this shit goes so hard. You just gotta love it!
When Meek starts rippin it, you're in for a treat.
Another typical MMG beat but oh so fly nonetheless. 5/5
6. Maybach Curtains ft. John Legend, Nas & Ris Ross
Nice change here and a very nice track with a grand Nas
who brings the whole track to the right level. Meek does
his thing too. Just sit back and listen. 5/5
7. Amen ft. Drake
I'd never thought i'd say this but Drake slayed it! Cot'Damn.
Crazy cool track and the snare play is killer. 5/5
8. Young Kings
When bumping this in the background this song catches
your attention which might not be the case cruisin through it. 5/5
9. Lay Up ft. Wale, Rick Ross & Trey Songz
Took some time to warm up to it, but with a couple thorough
listens, this is a damn dope track and Trey kills it. 5/5
10. Tony Story Pt. 2
Dope storytelling going on over a solid beat that keeps
you engaged all the way. Very nice. 5/5
11. Who Your Around ft. Mary J. Blige
Despite my mild hatred for Mary, she nailed this hook again.
Very nice track for real. 5/5
12. Polo And Shell Tops
This is just straight up crack. Prolly my favourite track
of the album thanks to a thrilling beat with Meek spittin
with so much energy and enthusiasm. Flat out man. 5/5
13. Rich And Famous ft. Louie V
Another favourite. Awesome hook and production. 5/5
14. Real Niggas Come First
Lovin the strings and whole eerie vibe. Meek is once
again all over it and delivers a great ending to the album
(although i would've loved "ready or not" from Dreamchasers 2
on here instead for some reason... but all good... 5/5

Seriously, did you count the 5/5 joints up there? That is
just bananas and not many albs did that for me this year
(Beanie Sigel's "This Time" comes close but that was a short 
album and really most 5's here kill those, so...)
This will for sure be in my top 3 and i did not see this one coming!!
Amazing production with a flawless Meek Mill who killed every
flow and verse he spit. What more can you ask for! Salute man!
And despite one lesser track, ima have to give out
the first perfect score this year! Finally, fuckin A! 
Overall Score: 10/10



This dude is so underrated and has released
some of my favourite collabo albums of all time
with the likes of The Jacka, Ampichino, Messy Marv... 
And you know when he drops a solo, he drops that good stuff.
This album tops his previous "The White Album" by a mile
and i loved that one. If you don't know who this is, shame on you
and you better get acquainted quick! The 2nd half of this album
alone is so damn good, it's easily one of this year's finest!
21 tracks and except for tracks 7-8-9 (which feel somewhat out of place, 
yet still bump) this is album is so damn consistent and i literally
had this album on repeat for 3 weeks straight. Berner knows
how to pick productions and his dude Cozmo is one if the Bay's
best producers to me. Not just the bay. He provides the best beats
for Berner and together it's pure chemistry. Add the usual Bay suspects
in the mix and you just can't get no better. This is why i love
Bay Area rap so much. One thing that still baffles me is why
Wiz Khalifa's name and Taylor Gang is associated here. The love for
weed is all i can think off. Luckily it's just that and there's very little
influence from Wiz's skinny ass on here. His two verses are actually not bad
either and makes me miss the "Show N Prove"-Khalifa. 
Anyway, 17 (!!!) 5/5 tracks and i think we have a serious contender
for album of the year! Get acquainted!
Overall Score: 9.9/10



Mr. X To Tha Z keeps rap's legacy intact here
and makes us forget skinny jeans and pussy hip-pop
never came about! From the cover to the whole vibe
that's surrounding the album, X keeps it X.
And it's pretty hardcore as soon as the first track
bumps through your speakers. There are no filler tracks
(except maybe " forever a g"). What's great is it has a nice variety
to keep you cruising all the way to the awesome ending
with tracks like "movies", "i came to kill" & "killers remorse".
And the title track is bananas. Once you get past the initial
wtf-is-this-shit, the track gets to you and hooks you in.
Other great tracks are the awesome collabo with Prodigy
on "something more", "everything", "1985", "stand tall",
the fantastic "the meaning of life", "Louis XIII" and 
strangely "enjoy the night" with David Banner and Wiz Khalifa.
Overall this disc is damn dope and it's great rap like this is
still being released. If only more rappers stayed through to
their roots, we'd have so much more to enjoy.
Overall Score: 9.1/10

Saturday, 13 October 2012



Never fully was a Beanie fan back in the days when
he was with the Roc (was more a Memphis Bleek fan).
But that changed when Roc La Familia came out and Beans
had some tight features on there that made me get into
his discography a little more. Ever since i've been looking
forward to his new releases, and when The Solution dropped
i was hooked for sure. That album was pure crack and Sigel
has been delivering every time. And again with this one.
Front to back nothing but tight tracks with only one track
that's not a a 4.5 or 5/5, the track with Akon, 
which is still pretty fly but feels a little out of place.
Favourite tracks here are the intro, "This Time", "Expensive Taste",
"Kush Dreaming", "The Reunion", "Sigel Is What They Call me",
and last but not least "Dangerous". One thing though, it's too
damn short with only 11 tracks. Still, one of the year's finest!
Overall Score: 9.4/10



The dogg is finally back and i looked forward to this for
quite some time now and really glad it's here. X is still X
and hasn't lost his touch at all. With the right production behind
him he still shines where he needs to, and shine he does!

1. Lookin' Without Seein'
2. What They Don't Know 
Tight beat that fits X perfectly and he rips it 4.5/5
3. Cold War 
Man i love this sample and the whole track is
just so tight to listen to. One of my favs. 5/5
4. I Don't Dance ft. MGK
Ok, it's pretty uptempo but man this is the shit!
X goes off here, gotta love him, and MGK makes
for a nice interesting feature! 5/5
5. Sucka For Love
Female type joint that works. Not bad. 4/5
6. I Get Scared
I hate when bitches sing like this, but for just one hook
i can't front, it'a allright. X singing i'm not so sure about,
but something about this track that pulls me in. 4/5
7. Slippin Again
More singing but again, the track itself is pretty cool. 4/5
8. Prayer
I love X's prayers for real!
9. I'm Back
Overused sample, but still great to hear every time.
Mase pulled it off nicely, Onyx did too and now DMX. 4/5
10. Have You Eva
Not feeling this type of vibe overly but it's not bad. 3.5/5
11. Get Your Money Up
This the type of DMX joint i really don't like. The beat
is just bad and aweful to listen to. A skip straight up. 2/5
12. Head Up
Another favourite. Great feel, tight beat and X at his best. 5/5
13. Frankenstein
Too hyper for me again, but better then 'Have You Eva'. 3/5
14. Y'all Don't Really Know
Pretty fly despite a laughable hook. Guilty pleasure i'd say. 4/5
15. I Got Your Back
Classic beat with a nice little hook. Feelin it. 4.5/5
16. No Love
Not bad, but isn't doing much for me. 3.5/5
17. Already
Great energetic closer. Typical Darkman X! 4.5/5

Overal Score: 8.5/10