Friday, 26 October 2012



Mr. X To Tha Z keeps rap's legacy intact here
and makes us forget skinny jeans and pussy hip-pop
never came about! From the cover to the whole vibe
that's surrounding the album, X keeps it X.
And it's pretty hardcore as soon as the first track
bumps through your speakers. There are no filler tracks
(except maybe " forever a g"). What's great is it has a nice variety
to keep you cruising all the way to the awesome ending
with tracks like "movies", "i came to kill" & "killers remorse".
And the title track is bananas. Once you get past the initial
wtf-is-this-shit, the track gets to you and hooks you in.
Other great tracks are the awesome collabo with Prodigy
on "something more", "everything", "1985", "stand tall",
the fantastic "the meaning of life", "Louis XIII" and 
strangely "enjoy the night" with David Banner and Wiz Khalifa.
Overall this disc is damn dope and it's great rap like this is
still being released. If only more rappers stayed through to
their roots, we'd have so much more to enjoy.
Overall Score: 9.1/10

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