Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Oh boy, where do i begin...Ah love for
Tech N9ne and all he's ever done. I've been the
biggest fan since before Absolute Power and twice
i had to give him Album Of The Year for Everready
and K.O.D. All 6's And 7's came close too.

The excitement i felt when anticipating Everready, 
then bumping it for the first time and having it on
repeat non-stop for the next couple of months, has
been my yardstick ever since. 
So needless to say, i'm a huge fan. And i bought everything
he's ever put out, including most other artists on Strange.
So you can imagine my huge disappointment here.
Simply put, this album much as i shit on 
the artists that don't deserve to be in the game and ruined
it (the kanye's, jigga's, asap's, kendrick's, montana's, future's,
etc etc, the list goes on, grrr), i have to take a dump on 
Something Else too. It's just not all.
Out of the 19 tracks (not including skits/interludes)
there's only 5 great tracks and 5 good. That's just sad.
Tech has chosen terrible beats for the latter half of the album.
Tech is Tech and will always be king, and on
some tracks he does show what he's capable off, but the
majority of the production just falls short. 
Maybe i'm spoiled, and perhaps i should give it more
time, and maybe someday i will love the fuck out of it.
But for now, i'm disappointed.
A great example of how it all could've been, is the opening 
track "Straight Out The Gate", which is vintage tech
and this is how i wished the whole album was.
But halas. 
Let me just rip this a new one...

1. Skit 1
2. Straight Out The Gate
Like I said, excellent start to the album.
Great production, with awesome melodies
that let Tech switch things up and create his
usual magic. 5/5
3. B.I.T.C.H.
Again, another dope collabo with T-Pain.
The whole track made me think of T. Haddy
though and i kinda wished he was the one
doing the hook. But T. Haddy is Christian Rap/RnB,
so i doubt he'd ever sing those lyrics. 5/5
4. With The BS
Typical Strange track that's been dominating
most of their recent releases. A little too much
perhaps, but this one grows towards the end
and it is a tight one. 4.5/5
5. Love 2 Dislike Me
It's not that i'm not into
this metal/rap merger, I think it's hella
dope, especially when Tech does it. But this
track is lacking anything remotely good.
The melodies and hook are plain ugly.
Despite a great start and some bright spots from
Tech, it's really just ugly man. Skip skip skip. 2/5
6. Fortune Force Field
I'm torn here. Dope verses but such dread sung parts
and shit ass hook. Towards the end you just want to
drown in a pool of pigs blood. Still, those verses
are fantastic. Like i said, i'm torn. 3/5
7. I'm Not A Saint
I can dig this. This could've easily been on
Welcome To Strangeland. Great vibe and Tech
truly shines on a nicely sampled beat. 5/5
8. Fragile
I hate Kendrick Lamar. I hate when girls sing like
Kendall Morgan. Truly annoying as fuck.
And yet, despite that, this track is quite amazing.
The hook gets on my nerves towards the end though,
but Tech's verse is killer! If only it was
just Tech. No kendrick, no Mayday. Still nice! 4/5
9. Priorities
I can admire the whole approach and all, but
Tech has done way better on Bad Season
(eg. Speed of Sound). It gets better towards the end
and Angel is pretty tight, but Game is no no. 3/5
10. Skit 2
11. Dwamn
First listen, dope! After that, it kinda fades...
It gets annoying quickly, the hook could've been more
and the chick sucks ass. Whomp Whomp anyone? 2.5/5
12. So Dope (They Wanna)
Finally! Fina'mutha fuckin'ly!
A dooope Tech with a tight beat. This is pretty much one of two
tracks reminiscent of the good ol' Tech. What a shame right? 5/5
13. See Me
This is the other one. Awesome track despite featuring
Wiz Khalifa (who's improved a little when on other people's tracks)
and BOB, who does deliver and catchy hook (as recycled as it
may be). But Tech is top notch here. 5/5
14. My Haiku - Burn The World
Another solid track with a mediocre Krizz Kaliko
(who disappointed me with his last 2 albs. Seriously
dude, what happened with your awesome hook abilities?).
It's not amazing, but it's got something to it. 4/5
15. That's My Kid
However dope Tech and Krit are, when Cee Lo comes in
with that shitty ass hook, i wanna chop my ears right off.
Ugh, it's fuckin hideous. I'll never get those 22 seconds
of my life back. Fuck man. 0/5
16. Meant To Happen
Wasn't a fan initially, but this was the only track
that did grow on me. Tech is awesome here.
Kinda reminds me of The Roots' Undun alb 4/5
17. Skit 3
18. Believe
Another shit song man. Horrible drums and
a god-aweful hook that annoys the shit out of me.
This is not Tech N9ne. I wondered who made him
pick this retarded production. 0/5
19. Skit 4
20. Strange 2013
Tech is on point here but i hate The Doors and
this sample is just cringe-worthy. Kind of a fail. 2/5 
21. Skit 5
22. Colorado
It's a nice track and all, with some
tight features, but it's no Midwest Choppers. 3.5/5
23. Drowning
What a perfect title!! 0/5
24. Thizzles
Tech shines, Danny Brown is crazy. Kinda dope yo! 4/5

Maybe i ripped too much into this?
I'm the biggest Tech fan, but that doesn't mean i'm
a dickrider. If it ain't good, it ain't good.
The bright spots don't really save this, and i can't believe
i'm gonna say this, but i won't even buy the album!
Thank god i decided not to pre-order, i feel no need
to ever listen to this again....

...well ok, i prolly will, it's still 
a new Tech album, who knows, it might grow on me,
but for now i'm just gonna pretend this wasn't released 
and keep my love for Tech intact. 
And bump the new Pastor Troy instead. Un huh!
Overall Score: 6/10

Thursday, 18 July 2013



A new double disc from the man himself, Ampichino!
Hell yeah! I've been waiting on this for ages.
Need to bump a LOT more but so far it's sounding
pretty damn tight and right up Amp's alley.
Full Review Coming Soon... 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013



The wait is over!!! Yee!
I'm not gone front though, this is an album you
have to be in the mood for and seriously let sink in.
The production from DJ Fresh is typical Fresh, but he
mellowed it down and the 80's sampled cuts are
dominating the entire two-disc album. One track that
stand out on the first album though is the
flyer than fly "Bomb". Damn yo, that track is fuckin
bananas and screams out westsiiiiide! Love it!
But i'm sidetracking. The main feel of this album
is kind of out there. It's nothing like previous albs
really and this is something you have to
get used to. Same goes for J. Stalin's damn unique 
flow and style. But combine the two and submerge
yourself, and you're in for a treat. I decided to buy
the deluxe edition, because it's pretty hard to
choose between Miracle or Nightmare, which one
tops the other. It's like picking your favourite
disc from All Eyez On Me...I mean c'mon son!
There's a more mellow vibe going on with the
first disc, Miracle, whereas Nightmare has some
more uptempo and grittier tracks going on.
Speaking of the second disc, "Fuck You pt. 2"
is the shit! That and the title track are some of
my favs of the second disc. But like i said it's hard
to choose a favourite so i'm really both as one
double-disc album. And once you've given this
it's proper spins, you know what's up. Stalin fans,
you know what's good...and this is really really good!
Go cop that shit and be blessed to own and listen to
something truly unique and 'fresh'! Ha! Go get it!
Overall Score: 9.5/10

Here's a good example of what to expect:

And more Stalin for y'all with this tight compilation
featuring some of the Bay's finest!
J. STALIN presents

These days i'm not too much a fan anymore of compilations
like this. I want full-on retail albs of my favourite artists
(and no fuckin mixtapes yo!). With that said, this is a
pretty tight one that has some real tight tracks on it.
The production is solid front to back and all features
provide a little something something to the alb.
Just bump "bottott" with Beeda Weeda and you know
shit's knockin. If you a fan, you'd cop this too, i did!
Overall Score: 8.5/10

Saturday, 13 July 2013



Hell mu'fuckin yea!! This finally drops and
I couldn't be more excited for this release.
Just like Daz & WC, this is a combo you just
can't go wrong with. This is going down! Grade A!

1. All In ft. Baldhead Rick
Kickin things off with a blast with the best verse
from Quinn. Rick's dope but wish this would've
been a Messy Marv feature for some reason.
Still, kickin things off perfectl! 5/5
2. Cali Bounce ft. Big Tone & June Summers
Now this here is exactly why i love the bay.
Perfect production and verses that just flow so
smoothly. Rap at it's finest! 5/5
3. Everybody ft. S.B.
And it continues with more tight production
that will elevate any high you're on.
Again, Quinn is superb on this.
But so is Berner. Hell yeah... 5/5
4. Freeze ft. Ralphy Davis
Turning up the vibe here with a typical
Berner joint, but after a few spins this one
is just as good as previous tracks. It's just
that after Cali Bounce & Everybody, you
kinda get woken up. But yo, again, when
Quinn comes in with his verse you're back 
smooth sailing bumpin yo head! 5/5
5. Play To Win ft. Smiggz, Ampichino & Freeze
DJ Fresh's touch all over this, and boy does it
make for one hell of a track. If you don't bump
your head slightly on cruise control, some's wrong.
And the features are a plus. As is the hook! 5/5
6. Money Getters ft. Ampichino, Young Bossi
Lucky Luciano & Davito
Perhaps a lesser track due to a so so melodic beat and
a hook that doesn't fit with the rest of the album, 
but this is a solid track nonetheless. 
And you can never go wrong with Amp & Boss! 4.5/5
7. Fly Away ft. Equipto
And we're back with the reason why this album is so great.
What a dope sample and beat. Now this is my shit!
San Quinn is so damn perfect on this! 5/5
8. Not Selling My Soul ft. Lee Majors
Great track that has only one minor flaw: Lee Majors' verse
is not up to scratch. Could think of a dozen other Bay artists
better suited right? Still though, shit's dope. 4.75/5
9. Summertime ft. Matt Blaque & Mike Marshall
I'm glad Matt Blaque is on this and thankfully with a
great beat that fits him perfectly. Berner kills it, as
does Quinn, but Mike Marshall got this one! 5/5
10. Ask Why ft. Willie Joe & Rydah J Klyde
This just flows. Love the use of the snares here.
No Berner here, and he would've been dope on it,
and better than Willie Joe but it's all good. Quinn
and Rydah's verses are top notch. 5/5
11. Sundown
Quinn solo joint that doesn't really do much. It's a nice
track and all but with the semi-recycled lines
("The Wolves Come Out" is a far superior track at that) 
and no Berner, it's not quite cutting it. 4/5
12. Pray ft. Gamma Da Kid & Blake The Future
Lovin this one. Sick sample and great verses from
 everyone (Berner takes the cake) except Blake, his verse
sticks out like a sore thumb, too loud. Still a nice finish. 5/5
13. Outro
Nice lil Quinn outro with a tight beat behind 'em. 5/5

As much as i was looking forward to this release, 
it came through big time and i'm lovin it!
The production is top notch and both Berner and 
especially San Quinn killed it. A must cop for 
any Bay Area Rap fan! I gots my copy!
Overal Score: 9.5/10



Daz & WC together? Man, you know that's gonna be
a straight up west coast classic! And after a few spins,
it's not far from it i must say. Front to back it's
exactly what you'd expect and maybe more.
Tracks like Late Nite & Blam Blam are already some
of my favourites of the year. I'm lovin this shit!

1. West Coast Gangsta Shit
Fantastic way to kick things off! Daz
is rippin it when it he comes in. 5/5
2. Stay Out The Way ft. Snoop Dogg
Ah hell yeah! This is some classic shit!
And we got some good 'ol Snoop Doggy
Dogg in the house! 5/5
3. Don't Call It A Comeback
Awesome track! Cot'damn! Lovin the vibe
and drums combined with the hardcore
verses and dope ass hook! 5/5
4. When The Shit Goes Down
Yo, this is getting better and better!
Production is really top notch and one
of my favourites. Fuckin rich! And Daz
is just murdering this and i'm glad he's
doing what he does best. Straight up
west coast and no cookie cutter south
shit (which i don't mind him doing). 5/5
5. Late Nite
Jesus fuckin christ! I'm lovin this shit!
Another standout track that hits all the marks.
At this point i'm already a goner! 5/5
6. Blam Blam
So reminds me of the good ol DPG days
hittin donutz in the streets! Crack! 5/5
7. Don't Get Wet
Getting a lil more funky with this but boy
does it deliver! Smooth as hell on top!
Gangsta funk to the fullest! 5/5
8. Roll & Smoke
Man, if you wanna chill the fuck out and
get your high on, this be the cut for it.
Another grade A beat with perfect verse
and hook with Daz just slaying it! 5/5
9. What Cha Gone Do
Interesting way to sample 'I Got 5 On It' and
pretty bold. That song is untouchable but
nonetheless this is one hell of a track! 5/5
10. Time Will Prevail
Laidback and uptempo. These cuts are always
a great addition to classic west coast albs.
No difference here. Tight! 4.5/5
11. Dubs in The Air
If this doesn't make you bump yo head,
nothing will. With that said it's my 2nd least
favourite track of the alb, but look at the 
rest of the alb...c'mon son. 4.5/5
12. Alcohol & Drugs
My least fav track but for some reason it
does pull you in. Not sure this'll have lasting
appeal though. Still a dope cut. 4/5
13. Moves I Make ft. Butch Cassidy
I love Butch Cassidy. But this one doesn't
quite do it for me. The piano is too much and
the beat would've been way better without.
Still a cool track, but i wished for more. 4/5
14. Outro - Gangsta Talk

After 9 straight up classic tracks i was hoping
it would be like it all the way to the end and
i could have given this a 10/10. I so wanted to.
A release like this in 2013 with all this faggot bullshit
rap going on (except anything Bay Area) is like
finding a golden needle in a haystack (i'm being too grimm,
there's still a LOT of awesome rap coming out, but you know
what i know what i mean). But the last couple 
of tracks, while still great, but a damper on it.
Still. This is a fantastic release and any fan of the good ol
Dogg Pound and Westside Connection days will get their
fix, and then some! Go cop this! I got mines!
Overall Score: 9.7/10

Final note: so stoked they made a video for Late Nite!
Enjoy this muthafucka and get widit!

Monday, 1 July 2013



Wasn't blown away with his previous
collabo with the freshest dj, but this album,
Mitchy comes correct with that straight up
west coast music! The production is tight
as hell and is a perfect fit for Mitchy's style
who still sounds so fuckin gritty. There's a few
spots on the alb that might seem like filler (due to
lesser production that's now west coast enough) but in 
the bigger scheme of things, bumping this front
to back with Mitchy dominating like he does,
it's just a must cop! Give it it's due spins too,
because initially things might throw you off
when the alb starts off with some interesting
samples. The techno-sampled 'off with heads'
(which was also used on a track for Shady Nate
on his last album "Mobb Marley II) and the heavy
but so awesome "soowooper friends" where
Mitchy's flow is so damn awesome.
Overall you're in a for one hell of a treat if
straight up west coast music is your thing.
(minus the couple of more southern type beats)
But if you don't even know Mitchy is...uhm...
just get to know him yo! 

1. Off Wit Heads 4.5/5
2. Soowooper Friends 4.5/5
3. Won't Stop Bein a Blood 5/5
4. U In 3.5/5
5. Young n Dumb 4/5
6. Bangin & Ballin 3.5/5
7. Crack In A Jar 3/5
8. Out Of Bounds 4.5/5
9. Run 5/5
10. Gangland 5/5
11. They'd Call U a G 5/5
12. Dip Dwella 4/5
13. American Gangsta 3/5
14. Breakin 3/5
15. Bastards Of The Party 5/5
16. All I ever Wanted 5/5
Overall Score: 8.8/10


This is gonna be passed by and looked over!
Fools don't know! This is album is flat out CRACK!
Betta get with the program and snort that shit!
I myself haven't always been on Joe Blow's side
due to maybe lackluster production and marketing,
but the dude is cold and when given the right beats,
man oh's fuckin fantastic.
From the very start with tracks like
"Polo", "Jade", "Missunderstood" and the superb
"Sip The Pain Away" with The Jacka & Philthy,
it just doesn't get any better. Throughout the album
there's a few tracks that are a little less and/or filler,
but when you have so many other dope cuts 
inbetween (and there's a lot out of 24), it's
doesn't matter. Put this album on in the background,
in the car, wherever, let it play, and you'll love the
fuck out of it! Some of those tracks are:
"My Life's Ill", "Hear My Cry", "My Other Brothers",
"Black Ophera", "Im a Boss", "The Life We Lead",
"We Gettin Papa", "The Town" (holy shit this is
so fuckin dope!!), "Memory Lane", "Back In The Days"
and last but not least: "Don't Make Me" with Fed X.
Holy shit, that track is bananas!.
Seriously, go get it! Those tracks alone are worth
every penny you'll spend!

Overall Score: 9.7/10

Here are some of the tracks to pull yo asses in!