Monday, 1 July 2013



Wasn't blown away with his previous
collabo with the freshest dj, but this album,
Mitchy comes correct with that straight up
west coast music! The production is tight
as hell and is a perfect fit for Mitchy's style
who still sounds so fuckin gritty. There's a few
spots on the alb that might seem like filler (due to
lesser production that's now west coast enough) but in 
the bigger scheme of things, bumping this front
to back with Mitchy dominating like he does,
it's just a must cop! Give it it's due spins too,
because initially things might throw you off
when the alb starts off with some interesting
samples. The techno-sampled 'off with heads'
(which was also used on a track for Shady Nate
on his last album "Mobb Marley II) and the heavy
but so awesome "soowooper friends" where
Mitchy's flow is so damn awesome.
Overall you're in a for one hell of a treat if
straight up west coast music is your thing.
(minus the couple of more southern type beats)
But if you don't even know Mitchy is...uhm...
just get to know him yo! 

1. Off Wit Heads 4.5/5
2. Soowooper Friends 4.5/5
3. Won't Stop Bein a Blood 5/5
4. U In 3.5/5
5. Young n Dumb 4/5
6. Bangin & Ballin 3.5/5
7. Crack In A Jar 3/5
8. Out Of Bounds 4.5/5
9. Run 5/5
10. Gangland 5/5
11. They'd Call U a G 5/5
12. Dip Dwella 4/5
13. American Gangsta 3/5
14. Breakin 3/5
15. Bastards Of The Party 5/5
16. All I ever Wanted 5/5
Overall Score: 8.8/10

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