Monday, 1 July 2013


This is gonna be passed by and looked over!
Fools don't know! This is album is flat out CRACK!
Betta get with the program and snort that shit!
I myself haven't always been on Joe Blow's side
due to maybe lackluster production and marketing,
but the dude is cold and when given the right beats,
man oh's fuckin fantastic.
From the very start with tracks like
"Polo", "Jade", "Missunderstood" and the superb
"Sip The Pain Away" with The Jacka & Philthy,
it just doesn't get any better. Throughout the album
there's a few tracks that are a little less and/or filler,
but when you have so many other dope cuts 
inbetween (and there's a lot out of 24), it's
doesn't matter. Put this album on in the background,
in the car, wherever, let it play, and you'll love the
fuck out of it! Some of those tracks are:
"My Life's Ill", "Hear My Cry", "My Other Brothers",
"Black Ophera", "Im a Boss", "The Life We Lead",
"We Gettin Papa", "The Town" (holy shit this is
so fuckin dope!!), "Memory Lane", "Back In The Days"
and last but not least: "Don't Make Me" with Fed X.
Holy shit, that track is bananas!.
Seriously, go get it! Those tracks alone are worth
every penny you'll spend!

Overall Score: 9.7/10

Here are some of the tracks to pull yo asses in!

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