Saturday, 13 July 2013



Daz & WC together? Man, you know that's gonna be
a straight up west coast classic! And after a few spins,
it's not far from it i must say. Front to back it's
exactly what you'd expect and maybe more.
Tracks like Late Nite & Blam Blam are already some
of my favourites of the year. I'm lovin this shit!

1. West Coast Gangsta Shit
Fantastic way to kick things off! Daz
is rippin it when it he comes in. 5/5
2. Stay Out The Way ft. Snoop Dogg
Ah hell yeah! This is some classic shit!
And we got some good 'ol Snoop Doggy
Dogg in the house! 5/5
3. Don't Call It A Comeback
Awesome track! Cot'damn! Lovin the vibe
and drums combined with the hardcore
verses and dope ass hook! 5/5
4. When The Shit Goes Down
Yo, this is getting better and better!
Production is really top notch and one
of my favourites. Fuckin rich! And Daz
is just murdering this and i'm glad he's
doing what he does best. Straight up
west coast and no cookie cutter south
shit (which i don't mind him doing). 5/5
5. Late Nite
Jesus fuckin christ! I'm lovin this shit!
Another standout track that hits all the marks.
At this point i'm already a goner! 5/5
6. Blam Blam
So reminds me of the good ol DPG days
hittin donutz in the streets! Crack! 5/5
7. Don't Get Wet
Getting a lil more funky with this but boy
does it deliver! Smooth as hell on top!
Gangsta funk to the fullest! 5/5
8. Roll & Smoke
Man, if you wanna chill the fuck out and
get your high on, this be the cut for it.
Another grade A beat with perfect verse
and hook with Daz just slaying it! 5/5
9. What Cha Gone Do
Interesting way to sample 'I Got 5 On It' and
pretty bold. That song is untouchable but
nonetheless this is one hell of a track! 5/5
10. Time Will Prevail
Laidback and uptempo. These cuts are always
a great addition to classic west coast albs.
No difference here. Tight! 4.5/5
11. Dubs in The Air
If this doesn't make you bump yo head,
nothing will. With that said it's my 2nd least
favourite track of the alb, but look at the 
rest of the alb...c'mon son. 4.5/5
12. Alcohol & Drugs
My least fav track but for some reason it
does pull you in. Not sure this'll have lasting
appeal though. Still a dope cut. 4/5
13. Moves I Make ft. Butch Cassidy
I love Butch Cassidy. But this one doesn't
quite do it for me. The piano is too much and
the beat would've been way better without.
Still a cool track, but i wished for more. 4/5
14. Outro - Gangsta Talk

After 9 straight up classic tracks i was hoping
it would be like it all the way to the end and
i could have given this a 10/10. I so wanted to.
A release like this in 2013 with all this faggot bullshit
rap going on (except anything Bay Area) is like
finding a golden needle in a haystack (i'm being too grimm,
there's still a LOT of awesome rap coming out, but you know
what i know what i mean). But the last couple 
of tracks, while still great, but a damper on it.
Still. This is a fantastic release and any fan of the good ol
Dogg Pound and Westside Connection days will get their
fix, and then some! Go cop this! I got mines!
Overall Score: 9.7/10

Final note: so stoked they made a video for Late Nite!
Enjoy this muthafucka and get widit!

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