Saturday, 13 July 2013



Hell mu'fuckin yea!! This finally drops and
I couldn't be more excited for this release.
Just like Daz & WC, this is a combo you just
can't go wrong with. This is going down! Grade A!

1. All In ft. Baldhead Rick
Kickin things off with a blast with the best verse
from Quinn. Rick's dope but wish this would've
been a Messy Marv feature for some reason.
Still, kickin things off perfectl! 5/5
2. Cali Bounce ft. Big Tone & June Summers
Now this here is exactly why i love the bay.
Perfect production and verses that just flow so
smoothly. Rap at it's finest! 5/5
3. Everybody ft. S.B.
And it continues with more tight production
that will elevate any high you're on.
Again, Quinn is superb on this.
But so is Berner. Hell yeah... 5/5
4. Freeze ft. Ralphy Davis
Turning up the vibe here with a typical
Berner joint, but after a few spins this one
is just as good as previous tracks. It's just
that after Cali Bounce & Everybody, you
kinda get woken up. But yo, again, when
Quinn comes in with his verse you're back 
smooth sailing bumpin yo head! 5/5
5. Play To Win ft. Smiggz, Ampichino & Freeze
DJ Fresh's touch all over this, and boy does it
make for one hell of a track. If you don't bump
your head slightly on cruise control, some's wrong.
And the features are a plus. As is the hook! 5/5
6. Money Getters ft. Ampichino, Young Bossi
Lucky Luciano & Davito
Perhaps a lesser track due to a so so melodic beat and
a hook that doesn't fit with the rest of the album, 
but this is a solid track nonetheless. 
And you can never go wrong with Amp & Boss! 4.5/5
7. Fly Away ft. Equipto
And we're back with the reason why this album is so great.
What a dope sample and beat. Now this is my shit!
San Quinn is so damn perfect on this! 5/5
8. Not Selling My Soul ft. Lee Majors
Great track that has only one minor flaw: Lee Majors' verse
is not up to scratch. Could think of a dozen other Bay artists
better suited right? Still though, shit's dope. 4.75/5
9. Summertime ft. Matt Blaque & Mike Marshall
I'm glad Matt Blaque is on this and thankfully with a
great beat that fits him perfectly. Berner kills it, as
does Quinn, but Mike Marshall got this one! 5/5
10. Ask Why ft. Willie Joe & Rydah J Klyde
This just flows. Love the use of the snares here.
No Berner here, and he would've been dope on it,
and better than Willie Joe but it's all good. Quinn
and Rydah's verses are top notch. 5/5
11. Sundown
Quinn solo joint that doesn't really do much. It's a nice
track and all but with the semi-recycled lines
("The Wolves Come Out" is a far superior track at that) 
and no Berner, it's not quite cutting it. 4/5
12. Pray ft. Gamma Da Kid & Blake The Future
Lovin this one. Sick sample and great verses from
 everyone (Berner takes the cake) except Blake, his verse
sticks out like a sore thumb, too loud. Still a nice finish. 5/5
13. Outro
Nice lil Quinn outro with a tight beat behind 'em. 5/5

As much as i was looking forward to this release, 
it came through big time and i'm lovin it!
The production is top notch and both Berner and 
especially San Quinn killed it. A must cop for 
any Bay Area Rap fan! I gots my copy!
Overal Score: 9.5/10

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