Appreciation Day
New Jaheim you say?? AWESOME!
I love this dude and even though, after a few
listens, it falls a little short compared to Joe
or Brian McKnight, it does sound great so far!
But it's not really fair to compare at this stage.
R&B needs to be heard properly, and I need more
thorough spins with this. That plus Glenn Lewis' new
amazing album is demanding all my attention...so...
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Overall Score: x/10

Glenn Lewis
Moment Of Truth
Ever since Glenn Lewis came on the scene with the
awesome "World Outside My Window" and more
particularly his first single "Don't You Forget It",
I've been a fan for life. That song is still in heavy
rotation and in my R&B Hall Of Fame. Simply fantastic.
Seeing he released a new album this year and R&B
is back where it should be, I knew this was going
to be something great or at least I hoped it would be.
I've only listened a couple times so far but i have to say
I am thrilled! It is frickin great allright! I keep wanting to
put it on knowing I've got the new Jaheim album to listen
too aswell as a slew of great Rap releases. 
Will bump a few more times, but this is top notch R&B for
sure and Glenn Lewis still sounds incredible! For true fans!
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Whiz Capone's R&B Reviewz
Overall Score: x/10

Marques Houston

Matress Music was hella dope and quite the surprise.
This time around it looks like Marques got his
D'Angelo on and boy is it fantastic!
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Overall Score: 9/10

TGT (Tyrese, Ginuwine & Tank)
Three Kings
What a beautiful day for this to be a reality! Just like LSG with 
Levert, Sweat & Gill, this just can't go wrong!  Awesome trio!
Let's hope the production is right up there too...
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Overall Score: x/10

Donell Jones
Just like Joe, Donell Jones is back with another release to make
2013 the year of RnB's return for sure, but i'm not yet sold on
this one. I might need a few more spins, but so far
it's the production that's just not cutting it. Compare this
to Joe's Double Back and you know what's up.
The vocal melodies aren't making up for it either. So at this
stage i'm iffy 'bout it and kinda disappointed but i'm not done yet.
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Overall Score: 4/10

Doubleback: Evolution of RnB
A true return to form for Joe and R&B in general!
Fantastic release and this along with Brian McKnight
makes me think R&B is on its way back baby!
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Whiz Capone's R&B Reviewz
Overall Score: 10/10

Brian McKnight
More Than Words
Mr McKnight drops another album and though
I has a bumpy start, i was truly impressed!
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Whiz Capone's R&B Reviewz
Overall Score: 9.5/10

Justin Timberlake
The 20/20 Experience
Seven whole years we had to wait for JT's follow-up
(not counting Suite 806 of course), and finally the wait
is over, and lemme tell you: it was so damn worth it!
I've been bumping non-stop every chance i can get to take it 
all in, and every time another track catches my interest
(either all over again or for the first time) and that's saying 
it all. What JT and Timbaland have done here is musically
top notch and whether or not you're a fan (and i'm a big one),
you have to acknowledge the shear genius of these two.
Find the full review on the RnB side of things.
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Overall Score: 10/10

Finally another major return from one of
RnB's favourite cats, mr. westside himself, TQ.
Check the RnB blog for the full review!
Whiz Capone's R&B Reviewz
Overal Score: 7.5/10

Face The Music
Avant has always been on the down-low and not
many people would mention this guy when naming
the RnB greats, but seriously this dude has the voice.
Never disappoints and i'm glad to say that he
hasn't sold out like others (*cough Usher). Not everything
on this album is that great though (the rap on "80 in a 30"
is abysmal, as is the hook for "NO) but when Avant hits his stride 
on top notch productions (which half of the album is lacking) 
it's all you can ask for these days. A step in the right direction
though not there yet, and nowhere near the good old days
(or Charlie Wilson's latest), but it's nice for real.
Best track of the album: "More"
Overall Score: 8/10

Charlie Wilson
Love Charlie
And then Charlie Wilson comes around again to
prove there is still hope for the new year.
This is classic Charlie and RnB like it is still 1998.
The collabo track with Keith Sweat is golden and the rest
of the album delivers on all fronts. 
Tracks like "Show You", "A Million Ways To Love You",
the excellent "My Love Is All I Have" are exactly what i'm talking 
about that's missing and want from all the other RnB cats!
But thank God for Mr. Wilson! (and dude is over 60!!)
Overall Score: 9.2/10

A Throwback To The Smooth
R&B like we knew it, is dead...and it's a damn shame.
Very few are still doing it properly, but face it, the days
of 112, Dru Hill, Joe, Jagged Edge, Usher in his 8701 days,
Total, Aaliyah, Blackstreet, Boyz II Men, Montel Jordan, and so many
others blessing us with the best vocal productions and smooth beats
is over. So i will be reminiscing here with reviews, videos, and whatnot.
Keep checking for updates until the brand new website's launch:
Whiz Capone's R&B Reviewz

To kick things off with a classic:
From Joe's "Better Days" album.
Now this is exactly what I'm talking about, they just don't make
music like this anymore!  More to come, be on the look-out!

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