Friday, 24 May 2013


Boy am I excited! J.Stalin & Dj Fresh have teamed up again!!
This time its a double disc: Miracle & Nightmare On 10th Street!

Update: Download

If it is anything like The Real World West Oakland,
we're looking at another classic. But yo, the cover alone
makes you fiendin for that ish!
So much so i had to make a custom wallpaper for my phone!

Holla at me ( if you want
one yourself (this or any other custom made, any artist)!

Seriously though, i can't wait for this one to drop next month!
The individual albs will be available too which i'll prolly get,
but man do i love this deluxe edition cover!
Though these two are pretty sick aswell...


Friday, 17 May 2013


Time for something new...i never really made a point to name 
the top albums of the past couple years (apart from the top spot),
so now i'll have it featured twice. Curious to see what else will
get released and push some of these albums out and who will stay.
So here's the top rap albums for the first half of 2013
(notice the absence of Dirty South Rap...hmm, interesting!)

1. Ghostface Killah - Twelve Reasons To Die
Incredible album and will most likely not be topped!

2. Shady Nate - Mobb Marley II
As much as i love Shady Nate, this came as
a total surprise which makes it even better!

3. Young Bossi - The Town
What can i say, Bossi is crack! Album is superb!

4. Brotha Lynch Hung - Mannibalector
Underrated as fuck! Lynch delivered his best here!

5. Guce Leeroy - Still Got Them Kicks
Very quiet release and Guce is severely underrated!
This album blew me away with the beats and flows!
(this might get pushed up the ladder even!)

6. Raekwon & DJ Fresh - The Tonite Show
Despite the shortness of the album, it deserved a spot!

7. The Regime -  Dragon Gang
Still growing on me, this album has it all!

8. J. Stalin - Return Of The Body Snatchers
Another quiet release but hella dope nonetheless!

9. Killah Priest - The Psychic World Of Walter Reed
Massive album that i still need to get through
over and over, but man this is greatness!

10. Beeda Weeda - Mack'n Trap'n & Rap'n 2
Though a mixtape really, i had to add this to
the top 10 in favour of other retail releases,
it really is that dope and still has best track
of the year: "Wet"!

Honourable Mentions
(that might make the top ten eventually, standing
the test of the rest of the year and all...)
HAVOC - 13

Monday, 13 May 2013



Always refreshing to hear some new Noreaga.
Dude never disappoints and after hearing the album
a couple times, it's clear he did it again. Even with
tracks featuring French Montana (ugh) and 2 Chainz
(retire already), he still brings that heat. On top of that
the album features some top notch standouts that
couldv'e been released ten years ago, and i love that.
Best example: Built Pyramids where Large Pro deliveres
and incredible beat. Best cut on the alb! And then there's
"Vitamins" with Pete Rock and the track with the 
amazing Scarface who is always a plus on your album.
Not to mention 'Camouflage Unicorns' with Tragedy (where
you been man??) and Mobb Deep's Havoc!

There's some stink on here too though, the Parrell track
'the problem', which should've been a throwback to to good ol'
Melvin Flynt days but sadly isn't, is just ass and Pharrel is
so god damn annoying. And fuck me dead, not fuckin Lil Wayne!!
That dude ruins an otherwise dope track...jesus man...

But overall this is a great release
and joins Papoose for NY rappers doing it proper still.
But what else to expect from N.O.R.E., his style is so
damn sweet and unique. If you a fan, you a fan.
I could've done with less party tracks perhaps and more tracks
like the awesome "god's angels", but it's all good in the hood!
(Less interludes next time though homie!)

1. Kenny Smith Speaks
2. Student Of The Game 5/5
3. Tadow ft. French Montana , 2 Chainz & Pusha T 4/5
4. Hang Hang Resume
5. The Problem ft. Pharrell 3/5
6. What I Had To Do ft. Scarface 5/5
7. Victor Cruz Speaks
8. Vitamins ft. Pete Rock 5/5
9. Thirsty 4/5
10. Scot Disick Speaks
11. Fowl Niggas 5/5
12. She Tried 0/5 (fuck you lil fuckin wayne!!)
13. Camouflage Unicorns 5/5
14. Only Bad Ones 3/5
15. God's Angels ft. Mick Jones & Chris Jones 5/5
16. Built Pyramids ft. Large Professor 5/5
17. Faces Of Death ft. French Montana,
Swizz Beatz & Raekwon 5/5
18. Drunkerer
19. Dreaming ft. Mayday & Tech N9ne 4/5

And i'll leave y'all with "Built Pyramids"!
Overall Score: 9/10

Thursday, 9 May 2013



1. Gone
Setting this off just right. Dope production with
quite a unique feel that gets even better with Havoc's
superb flow and bravado. 5/5
2. Favorite Rap Stars ft. Styles P & Raekwon
Fuckin awesome beat and having Styles P & Raekwon
steal the show equally, this is nothing short
of top notch hip hop. We're in for a treat!  5/5
3. Life We Choose.
I'm a big fan of Lloyd Banks and his affiliation
with G-Unit really doesn't do him justice.
He is grand on here as usual. Another
stand out track (though a lesser hook) 5/5
4. Colder Days ft. Masspike Miles
Man, this track is COLD! Prolly my fav! 5/5
5. Get Busy
Another sick beat with a perfect Havoc.
This shit is getting better and better! 5/5
6. Eyes Open
Maybe i've spoken too soon. This starts really
annoying with that sound and shitty hook.
Luckily the verses are better and Twista is
always on point. But i can't get past that one sound.
It serves no purpose whatsoever other than to annoy.
Maybe in time it will grow? Doubt it. 3.5/5
7. Tell Me To My Face ft. Royce Da 5'9"
I hate these type of snares. Should not be used in
hip-hop at all. Keep that shit for futuristic faggotory.
(we all know who i'm talkin bout...yuk). 
Despite that the track itself is not bad with an ok Royce,
but seriously, with a more Mobb Deep-ish sound this
would've been much better. Or at least keep the snare
consistent and like the one used towards the end.
It makes such a big difference, snare selection. 2.5/5
8. This World ft. Masspike Miles
Much better, despite the mellow touch. Havoc could've come
harder on here perhaps, but it's all good. 4.5/5
9. Already Tomorrow
Again, this type of production should not be on a Havoc alb.
Dude, you produced Shook Ones, get yo shit together!
Overall it's an ok track though, but call me spoiled.
I want that hardcore NY rap shit son! 5/5
Edit: this grew on me big time!!
10. Hear Dat
Starts off annoying once again with that chant choir
(ugh, how fuckin ugly is that) but if you can get past it,
the track is pretty solid, but still...why??
Who produced this and what were you thinking?? 3/5
11. Gettin Mines
Back to form somewhat. Still has this overall sound that
just doesn't feel right, but this is a nice cut. 4/5
12. Long Road (Outro)
Seems more like a Childish Gambino track, so can't
hate on it at all. Shouldn't have been an interlude. 3/5
13. Can't Sleep
By this time i've had it with the snare choices.
It's pussy, it's ass, and it's not Mobb Deep.
Dope track, but i've had it. 4.5/5

Ok, so my initial excitement was obviously based on the
first five tracks. That was a great start to the album.
But the production started to get away from hip hop
after that and though the tracks itself are still good, 
for me, it's not what i want to hear from Havoc.
N.O.R.E. came through, Papoose came through... 
So a little disappointed in the end but Havoc 
still killed it. So it depends on your preference. 
Overall Score: 8.7/10

Tuesday, 7 May 2013



Seems like ages we had something new from one of
the Mobfigaz' finest. I believe it was Rated R, which
was a pretty good release that didn't really linger enough
for me for some reason. But finally we got some new crack
and having only bumped it twice so far, there's quite a few 
interesting and truly nice cuts on here.
"The Collecta", "Fashion Show", "Goin Back" , "She Goes"
& my favourite track so far: "All Night Long".
The track with The Mobfigaz is pretty dope with all
the gang together on a track again, but the beat could've
been a little more and feels a little flat (and not just
because of the lack of bass in the song). 

1. All Night Long 5/5
2. She Goes 5/5
3. Back & Forth ft. The Mobfigaz 4/5
4. Yo Girl My Bitch ft. Young Doe 4/5
5. Street Nigga ft. C-Bo 4/5
6. The Collecta 5/5
7. Neva ft. Darian Dailey 4/5
8. Paypa Hata ft. Rich The Factor 4.5/5
9. Fashion Show 5/5
10. Run That 5/5
11. Cognac Lounge 5/5
12. Be Qwiot ft. Dubb 20 3.5/5
13. Real Like Me ft. June Summers 3.5/5
14. Cash Flow Poppin ft. Tracy T 4/5

In the end yet another solid release for Klyde 
but compared to all other releases that are just
killin it, it falls just a little behind. But still,
it's pretty great to hear this dude on a full solo
release againm and really, bumpin this album
front to back in the background or whateva,
it's a joyride, especially for the fans.
Overall Score: 8.5/10

Monday, 6 May 2013


Shady Nate is prolly my favourite artist from the
whole Livewire camp (J. Stalin a close second) and even
though I wasn't too much a fan of the first Mobb Marley
back then and seeing how this is one of the shittiest covers
I've seen lately (besides all them gay covers Jay-Z , Kanye West,
Kid Cudi & Tyler The Creator and all them idiots are using),
this album blew me away and is maybe my favourite 
Shady Nate album. But for that to be true it has to top
Son Of The Hood, which i thought was fantastic.
But i gotta admit, this album is that fuckin great!
A mix between 80s sampled cuts, smooth joints
(Callin My Name, Aviation, Afford It) and more dirty
south sounding beats (Get It Up, Hair Nappy), that have
Shady again just flowing on all of them with the
greatest of ease. His flow is bananas and with his voice
and style it makes for greatness and i love it.
"Get It Up" is a prime example and one of my favourite
tracks of the album. Same goes for "Head Will Roll",
that track is fantastic! And how bout that first verse on
"Rockin Wit A Boss"...c'mon son...Shady is that dude!
Look past the cover, lack of Livewire features (J. Stalin
woulda been dope) and listen to the album fully
focused with ya headphones on and zone out. 
It might blow you away too. 

1. Hair Nappy 5/5
2. Your Entertainment 4/5
3. Callin My Phone 5/5
4. International Lunch 4.5/5
5. Get It Up 5/5
6. Turnt Up 5/5
7. Aviation 5/5
8. Rockin Wit A Boss 5/5
9. Why U Actin Like Dat 5/5
10. Don't Stop 5/5
11. One Of Them Ones 4/5
12. This Dat Shit 3/5
13. Head Will Roll 5/5
14. The Devil A Lie 3.5/5
15. Afford It 5/5
16. Fa Ma Niggaz 5/5

Overal Score: 9.5/10

And Here's "Aviation" & "Afford It" for your asses if you don't know
who Shady is and need to witness the greatness. Enjoy!
And go d/l the alb from the Latest Dropz page and 
then go cop the album, i already did!

Sunday, 5 May 2013


Album been out a couple months, but i just had to review it.
It is that frickin good but didn't really come as a surprise, since
i was equally blown away with "Fishscale" and "Quiet Storm".
Once again with this one, it's crack front to back!
More on this release later though...

Lemme first bring it back to Fishscale:
Seriously, when i finally got my hands on this album
i was through the roof. It's a pretty rare album to
get your hands and it's filled with killer tracks
and superb production. Just check out this one:

And the album is just laced with smooth ass cuts like this
throughout, one after another. This is definitley one of my 
favourite Bay albs of the last couple years.
But shit, that was 2010 and since then there's been similar
releases that were equally great and set a trend in motion
for me that made me love this bay shit even more.
Ampichino & Young Bossi released two albs together:
The first one was dope as fuck with the second one a little lesser.
But still, this is another great collabo just like Ampichino & The Jacka,
Berner & The Jacka, Ampichino & Berner, etc. You know what's up!

More greatness came with this superb album:
 The second instalment of City Of Gz.
Man, these cats are just so fuckin sick and they
got the best production behind them.
I love this shit to death!

Before i get to The Town, have a listen to this track
from Young Bossi, V12 and Bird Money:

This track is FUCKIN ILL AS FUCK!!
This is on Bird Money's solo album that was just released earlier
this year and is yet another dope release on Double F Records.
If you don't know you need to check all this shit out
and prepare to listen to some real ass rap!
It just can't get any better than what these dudes have
to offer. The Bay got shit on lock son!

Anyway, back to The Town.
After Fishscale & Quiet Storm, Bossi comes out with
The Town, which again is a pretty hard to find album
(if it wasn't for, that site is a blessing).
It's fairly obvious that from the get go this is on
the same dope shit as previously mentioned releases!

1. Intro
2. Young Grittaz feat. Bird Money & V12
10 seconds in and i'm already on cloud 9.
This is so fuckin tight. Again with Bird Money
and V12, these dudes are quite the combo.
The amazing beat helps of course, but seriously
i should stop here because i'll prolly get sick
from all the praising myself. But damnit, this is 
that crack! Tyrome Biggums, smoke it! 5/5
3. Hoodstars feat. Ampichino & Smiggz
Classic sample done perfectly. And Ampichino
is a beast! He is so underrated! 5/5
4. Pure Dope ft. Yukmouth & Joe Blow
No stopping with the ill shit. More top notch
features with Blow & Yuk. 5/5
5. To The Top ft. J.Stalin, Ron Fetti & L.Jay
What more can i say? Too damn good.
Fetti is another regular that kills his features.
And i love J. Stalin on here. 5/5
6. Feelin Like A Boss ft. Boi Big & Bird Money
Another great sample and smooth drums
with the same smoothness as previous cuts. 5/5
7. Pourin Out Champagne
Interesting use of a Jigga sample from The Blueprint.
But these dudes know what they're doing and
i fuckin love it. It's so damn unique. 5/5
8. Mind Of A Killa ft. Jacka & Ampichino
A little change up and a harder beat but you
know when you get Jacka & Amp on your shit,
it don't matter how hard or soft the beat go,
them dudes don't play. Sick. 5/5
9. Chances ft. Boi Big & Rich The Factor
Typical use of 80's samples and drums that
make the Bay Area unique in yet another way.
Rich The Factor makes this even better. 5/5
10. Showtime ft. Young Rell & J. Stalin
First of two tracks i'm not feelin too much.
The beat doesn't lift me and though halfway through
it gets better, its the hook that brings it down a little.
Still allright and wouldn't skip. 3/5
11. No Other Option ft. Ampichino & Bird Money
Back to form, Another superb cut with Amp
setting the tone just right. 5/5
12. The Ghetto
Now this is that jam! Awesome sample
and perfect smoothness. One of my favs. 5/5
13. Third Degree ft. Ike Dola
This is that second cut that's not cutting it.
Ike Dola sucks and the beat is not helping. 3/5
14. Get That Dough
80's rnb type feel witht the hook and i love it. 4/5
15. Tattoo ft. Gap, King Locust & Smiggz
Nice little joint here with a great hook. Woulda
been better with other features but still... 4.5/5
16. Ape Shit ft. Ampichino
Possible my favourite joint. Amp & Bossi kill it
and you gotta love that hook. Dear lord. 5/5
17. Change ft. Draper
Not much happening here to be honest and i wanted
more for the end of the album, but still pretty smooth. 4/5
18. My Heart
Same for this track but prefer it over Change. And it
does grow on you more and more. 4.5/5

I think The Town managed to outshine Fishscale.
Knowing how much i love that album, that sums it 
up right there. This album is superb and i'm letting
two lesser tracks not getting in the way of anything.
Get your hands on this and treasure it!
Young Bossi has surely become one of my favourites.
His style is flat out amazing with the right bravado
and with production like this, what more do you want?
Overall Score: 9.8/10