Monday, 6 May 2013


Shady Nate is prolly my favourite artist from the
whole Livewire camp (J. Stalin a close second) and even
though I wasn't too much a fan of the first Mobb Marley
back then and seeing how this is one of the shittiest covers
I've seen lately (besides all them gay covers Jay-Z , Kanye West,
Kid Cudi & Tyler The Creator and all them idiots are using),
this album blew me away and is maybe my favourite 
Shady Nate album. But for that to be true it has to top
Son Of The Hood, which i thought was fantastic.
But i gotta admit, this album is that fuckin great!
A mix between 80s sampled cuts, smooth joints
(Callin My Name, Aviation, Afford It) and more dirty
south sounding beats (Get It Up, Hair Nappy), that have
Shady again just flowing on all of them with the
greatest of ease. His flow is bananas and with his voice
and style it makes for greatness and i love it.
"Get It Up" is a prime example and one of my favourite
tracks of the album. Same goes for "Head Will Roll",
that track is fantastic! And how bout that first verse on
"Rockin Wit A Boss"...c'mon son...Shady is that dude!
Look past the cover, lack of Livewire features (J. Stalin
woulda been dope) and listen to the album fully
focused with ya headphones on and zone out. 
It might blow you away too. 

1. Hair Nappy 5/5
2. Your Entertainment 4/5
3. Callin My Phone 5/5
4. International Lunch 4.5/5
5. Get It Up 5/5
6. Turnt Up 5/5
7. Aviation 5/5
8. Rockin Wit A Boss 5/5
9. Why U Actin Like Dat 5/5
10. Don't Stop 5/5
11. One Of Them Ones 4/5
12. This Dat Shit 3/5
13. Head Will Roll 5/5
14. The Devil A Lie 3.5/5
15. Afford It 5/5
16. Fa Ma Niggaz 5/5

Overal Score: 9.5/10

And Here's "Aviation" & "Afford It" for your asses if you don't know
who Shady is and need to witness the greatness. Enjoy!
And go d/l the alb from the Latest Dropz page and 
then go cop the album, i already did!

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