Tuesday, 7 May 2013



Seems like ages we had something new from one of
the Mobfigaz' finest. I believe it was Rated R, which
was a pretty good release that didn't really linger enough
for me for some reason. But finally we got some new crack
and having only bumped it twice so far, there's quite a few 
interesting and truly nice cuts on here.
"The Collecta", "Fashion Show", "Goin Back" , "She Goes"
& my favourite track so far: "All Night Long".
The track with The Mobfigaz is pretty dope with all
the gang together on a track again, but the beat could've
been a little more and feels a little flat (and not just
because of the lack of bass in the song). 

1. All Night Long 5/5
2. She Goes 5/5
3. Back & Forth ft. The Mobfigaz 4/5
4. Yo Girl My Bitch ft. Young Doe 4/5
5. Street Nigga ft. C-Bo 4/5
6. The Collecta 5/5
7. Neva ft. Darian Dailey 4/5
8. Paypa Hata ft. Rich The Factor 4.5/5
9. Fashion Show 5/5
10. Run That 5/5
11. Cognac Lounge 5/5
12. Be Qwiot ft. Dubb 20 3.5/5
13. Real Like Me ft. June Summers 3.5/5
14. Cash Flow Poppin ft. Tracy T 4/5

In the end yet another solid release for Klyde 
but compared to all other releases that are just
killin it, it falls just a little behind. But still,
it's pretty great to hear this dude on a full solo
release againm and really, bumpin this album
front to back in the background or whateva,
it's a joyride, especially for the fans.
Overall Score: 8.5/10

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