Monday, 13 May 2013



Always refreshing to hear some new Noreaga.
Dude never disappoints and after hearing the album
a couple times, it's clear he did it again. Even with
tracks featuring French Montana (ugh) and 2 Chainz
(retire already), he still brings that heat. On top of that
the album features some top notch standouts that
couldv'e been released ten years ago, and i love that.
Best example: Built Pyramids where Large Pro deliveres
and incredible beat. Best cut on the alb! And then there's
"Vitamins" with Pete Rock and the track with the 
amazing Scarface who is always a plus on your album.
Not to mention 'Camouflage Unicorns' with Tragedy (where
you been man??) and Mobb Deep's Havoc!

There's some stink on here too though, the Parrell track
'the problem', which should've been a throwback to to good ol'
Melvin Flynt days but sadly isn't, is just ass and Pharrel is
so god damn annoying. And fuck me dead, not fuckin Lil Wayne!!
That dude ruins an otherwise dope track...jesus man...

But overall this is a great release
and joins Papoose for NY rappers doing it proper still.
But what else to expect from N.O.R.E., his style is so
damn sweet and unique. If you a fan, you a fan.
I could've done with less party tracks perhaps and more tracks
like the awesome "god's angels", but it's all good in the hood!
(Less interludes next time though homie!)

1. Kenny Smith Speaks
2. Student Of The Game 5/5
3. Tadow ft. French Montana , 2 Chainz & Pusha T 4/5
4. Hang Hang Resume
5. The Problem ft. Pharrell 3/5
6. What I Had To Do ft. Scarface 5/5
7. Victor Cruz Speaks
8. Vitamins ft. Pete Rock 5/5
9. Thirsty 4/5
10. Scot Disick Speaks
11. Fowl Niggas 5/5
12. She Tried 0/5 (fuck you lil fuckin wayne!!)
13. Camouflage Unicorns 5/5
14. Only Bad Ones 3/5
15. God's Angels ft. Mick Jones & Chris Jones 5/5
16. Built Pyramids ft. Large Professor 5/5
17. Faces Of Death ft. French Montana,
Swizz Beatz & Raekwon 5/5
18. Drunkerer
19. Dreaming ft. Mayday & Tech N9ne 4/5

And i'll leave y'all with "Built Pyramids"!
Overall Score: 9/10

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