Thursday, 9 May 2013



1. Gone
Setting this off just right. Dope production with
quite a unique feel that gets even better with Havoc's
superb flow and bravado. 5/5
2. Favorite Rap Stars ft. Styles P & Raekwon
Fuckin awesome beat and having Styles P & Raekwon
steal the show equally, this is nothing short
of top notch hip hop. We're in for a treat!  5/5
3. Life We Choose.
I'm a big fan of Lloyd Banks and his affiliation
with G-Unit really doesn't do him justice.
He is grand on here as usual. Another
stand out track (though a lesser hook) 5/5
4. Colder Days ft. Masspike Miles
Man, this track is COLD! Prolly my fav! 5/5
5. Get Busy
Another sick beat with a perfect Havoc.
This shit is getting better and better! 5/5
6. Eyes Open
Maybe i've spoken too soon. This starts really
annoying with that sound and shitty hook.
Luckily the verses are better and Twista is
always on point. But i can't get past that one sound.
It serves no purpose whatsoever other than to annoy.
Maybe in time it will grow? Doubt it. 3.5/5
7. Tell Me To My Face ft. Royce Da 5'9"
I hate these type of snares. Should not be used in
hip-hop at all. Keep that shit for futuristic faggotory.
(we all know who i'm talkin bout...yuk). 
Despite that the track itself is not bad with an ok Royce,
but seriously, with a more Mobb Deep-ish sound this
would've been much better. Or at least keep the snare
consistent and like the one used towards the end.
It makes such a big difference, snare selection. 2.5/5
8. This World ft. Masspike Miles
Much better, despite the mellow touch. Havoc could've come
harder on here perhaps, but it's all good. 4.5/5
9. Already Tomorrow
Again, this type of production should not be on a Havoc alb.
Dude, you produced Shook Ones, get yo shit together!
Overall it's an ok track though, but call me spoiled.
I want that hardcore NY rap shit son! 5/5
Edit: this grew on me big time!!
10. Hear Dat
Starts off annoying once again with that chant choir
(ugh, how fuckin ugly is that) but if you can get past it,
the track is pretty solid, but still...why??
Who produced this and what were you thinking?? 3/5
11. Gettin Mines
Back to form somewhat. Still has this overall sound that
just doesn't feel right, but this is a nice cut. 4/5
12. Long Road (Outro)
Seems more like a Childish Gambino track, so can't
hate on it at all. Shouldn't have been an interlude. 3/5
13. Can't Sleep
By this time i've had it with the snare choices.
It's pussy, it's ass, and it's not Mobb Deep.
Dope track, but i've had it. 4.5/5

Ok, so my initial excitement was obviously based on the
first five tracks. That was a great start to the album.
But the production started to get away from hip hop
after that and though the tracks itself are still good, 
for me, it's not what i want to hear from Havoc.
N.O.R.E. came through, Papoose came through... 
So a little disappointed in the end but Havoc 
still killed it. So it depends on your preference. 
Overall Score: 8.7/10

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