Thursday, 22 September 2011



1. Intro
As far as "intro's" go, this is one. Nice...
2. Dolla and a Dream III
If I didn't know better, I'd stop listening to the album
with this being the first track. Not feeling this at all
two minutes in…but then… improves halfway,
 and Cole hooks you in, even more when 
the beat changes 3 quarters in….and that's where
the strength lies. After a couple more intense
listens i have to rate this higher 4.5/5 
3. Can’t Get Enough
At first I wasn't feeling the African samples nor
Cole sounding like Drake, but it quickly changes 
and Trey Songz makes it all legit. 
Timbo biting on the beat though, right? 4.5/5
4. Lights Please
Old track but deserves to be on the album. 5/5
5. Interlude
Just like the intro, this is worhty of a mention.
Love it when an ill track has it's own musical
intro so we can enjoy the vibe even more. 
6. Sideline Story
Like i said. Ill track. Sweet beat, cole is dope
and the whole song is reminiscent of way back
when all in the land of hip-hop wasn't pussy. 5/5
7. Mr. Nice Watch (Feat. Jay-Z)
Talk about the odd one out. Shouldn't be on this
album at all. Jay-Z is aweful and the beat shouldn't
even be on a mixtape. Only Cole saves it a lil. 
Edit* it's grown on me! 4/5
8. Cole World
As much as I don't like these type of joints, this one
must get props thanks to Cole's delivery. 4/5
9. In The Morning
This track has seriously grown on me and i fuckin
love it now, even Drake's presence! Howsbouthat! 5/5
10. Lost Ones
One of the best tracks of the year, plain and simple.
The beat is so good, and on top Cole's hook and melody
make me wanna cry. The second verse reminds me
of Eminem at it's prime. What a verse. 5/5 
11. Nobody’s Perfect (Feat. Missy Elliott)
Everyone is diggin this, but I'm not. I hate the whiny 
flow Cole uses that every other new school wannabe
hip hop artist got. It's a disgrace. Luckily there's
Missy Elliot reminding me of the good 'ol Aaliyah days.
Cole gets the L for me on this one, but the track itself is
a nice change. And I miss Aaliyah. 3.5/5
12. Never Told
Worst track of the album. God i hate this. 0/5
13. Rise and Shine
Initially this didn't move me. But after a minute when
the beat evolves into some more melodic and Cole 
comes with that cliche hook, i'm hooked. Sweet. 4.5/5
14. God’s Gift
I can hear Vinnie Paz…yeah daddy...and that would
have been a perfect feature. But Cole does his thing
regardless. Does wear down a tiny bit maybe. 4.5/5
15. Breakdown
Starts out ok, a typical story type joint. But man, these
tracks get a life of their own and you can just feel
the climax and rise of greatness as you listen fully
invested. What a nice track yo. 5/5
16. Work Out
Gotta love Roger Troutman. This might have seemed
outta place here, but au contraire. This track shows me
Cole got more up his sleeves and i love it. 5/5
17. Nothing Lasts Forever
Nice piano melody and matching beat and hook. A lil
cliche perhaps…with a more throwback RnB hook this 
would've been even better. But nonetheless, 
this track is hella nice. 4.5/5
18. Daddy's Little Girl
Again, the tracks takes it's time to hook you in. 
Just know it does. 4.5/5
19. Who Dat
Yes Cole, you got that flame. 4.5/5

Been a long time coming for Cole to drop his debut.
That's the only bad part about the alb. And also why I
hate mixtapes. Stop putting time into "promoting" yourself
and just drop bombs when need to. Simple. Anywhoo…
J. Cole delivered with this one. The sideline story has
got that crack that makes people smoke it for all the right
reasons: quality music and an emcee that hooks you in
with his raps. Knowing Cole handled most of the production
aswell is another notch on the belt. I love allrounders.
Except for that one stinker this album is top notch.
Overall score: 9.5/10

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