Friday, 28 October 2011



1. Don't Hold Your Applause
Very nice opening track to the album.
I love it all, especially the ending and 
Wale comes with some real ish. 5/5
2. Double M Genius
As nice as the track is and Wale spits
some nice lyrics, it feels like something
is missing...but then the second verse
brings you back and the track grows.
Solid track in the end. 4/5
3. Miami Nights
Not sure i'm feeling this. Mainly because
of the over-produced beat perhaps?
There were similar and better tracks like
this on his latest  mixtape. 3.5/5
4. Legendary
Comes across boring, the beat just doesn't
pull you in and it kills the track. 2.5/5
5. Lotus Flower Bomb (ft. Miguel)
As to be expected with Miguel on the hook,
but really it's nothing compared to some
of the slow joints of the mixtape.
Could've easily been replaced with something
a lot better. Just not good enough. 2/5
6. Chain Music
At least this made the album. One of the better
tracks from the mixtape and still bumps
the fuck outta yo speakers. 4.5/5
7. Focused (ft. Kid Cudi)
I will prolly never like anything that has this
annoying Cudi vibe all over the track. 
Too bad, Wale actually is nice on the verses. 1/5
8. Sabotage (ft. Lloyd)
Another chick type joint with Lloyd. It's not bad
but again on the mixtape there's so much more 
and better to offer. 3/5
9. White Linen (ft. ne-Yo)
Hideous beat. Ne-yo is ass on here and overall
it's questionable as to how this made this album
with all the hype beforehand. 2/5
10. Slight Work
Big Sean should've never been signed. What 
a disgrace to music and what was Wale thinking?
Stinker of the year. 0/5
11.  Ambition (ft. Meek Mill & Rick Ross)
Only the second track really worthy of making
the album. But following Slight Work it's a bitter
sweet pill...and it wears off a little. 4/5
12. Illest Bitch
Nice joint but nothing more than that. 3.5/5
13. No Days Off
Seriously? Who the fuck made this happen. 0/5
14. DC Or Nothing
It's a damn shame, too little too late once again. 4.5/5
15. That Way
It's getting too much already, 3rd album this is on...

I don't know what happened between the 11.11 Theory
and this piece of nothingness but I'm deeply disappointed.
Only 7 decent tracks and 2 of those are recycled.
And speaking off, how can you not have "Bait" on here??
Doesn't make any sense. And I had such high hopes.
Overall Score: 5/10

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