Thursday, 6 December 2012



This dude is most likely not known by y'all at all
(if you do know, big ups) so i had to drop something
to praise the shit out of it. I loved it so much
i already bought it to bump in the whip the proper way.
And boi does it bump. The bass on these tracks is just
beautiful. But this ain't no hyphy party album, don't
get it twisted, just saying it's just great sounding quality.
Front to back it's just smooth melodies over soulful, 
slow head-boppin, chilled out beats (minus the few
bass heavier tracks here and there).
But it's Bueno himself and the features that sell this 
to me even more so. It's all a perfect blend and this
dude is seriously underrated. Check it out for yourself
and give the man his props. Real tight album!
Overall score: 9/10

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