Friday, 11 January 2013


Part two of the countdown continuing with the top tracks from
the East Coast and boy was this a huge disappointment!
What a poor ass year in releases. It just ain't what it used
to be and unlike the Dirty South, there wasn't even a decent
list to choose from. But here goes:

1. Beanie Sigel - This Time
However shit the year was for the east, Beanie just killed it
and the title track for his latest album is just top notch. 
The production along with that killer hook and an
awesome Beanie made this an easy choice.

2. Nas - Bye Baby
As soon as i first heard this track i was hooked
and it still is one of those tracks that just sucks you in.
At least Nas dropped a classic this year. Life is still good!

3. Joey Bada$$ - Hardknock
And then there was Joey and this track knocking 
through my speaker and i sat there smiling and
bumping my head in peace. So glad there's still cats 
out there who know what it's all about. This could easily
beat Beanie for the top track this year. Amazing shit!

4. Prodigy - Pretty Thug
The album wasn't P's finest, but this track really makes you
reminisce about the good 'ol gangsta hardcore hip-hop days.
Onyx style...lyrically not all that, but it's a killer joint.

5. Beanie Sigel - Dangerous
Had to pick another Beans cut and this track was
the obvious choice (though Kush Dreaming is equally great).
Young Chris & The Game kill it on top.

6. Ghostface Killah & Sheek Louch
Different Time Zones

So glad this dropped. Can't have a proper year without
the Wu droppin a little something. This collab was great and
had some really tight tracks, but this is my favourite one and 
sounds like vintage Wu to the ears. Nice to hear INS there too.

7. Lupe Fiasco - Around My Way
Lupe returned for Food & Liquor II and he redeemed
himself big time. A lot of great tracks but i decided on this
one over "Battle Scars", "How Dare You","Bitch Bad" etc.
Keepin it old skool with deep lyrics. Lupe all the way.

8. Ghostface Killa & Sheek Louch - Stella

Another Wu Banga with a great Method Man feature. 
It really can't get any better!

9. Vinnie Paz - You Can't Be Neutral On A Moving Train
Not the same without Stoupe, but Vinnie had
a nice release this year with some tight joints and
great collabos (Scarface, Mobb Deep), and this track.
Hella deep and a joy to just listen to it all.

10. DMX - Cold World
I just had to close off the top 10 with a joint 
from the dog himself. Great comeback and 
though nothing overly exciting, still pretty damn
great to hear X on the mic again!

Honorable Mentions:
Lupe Fiasco - Battle Scars / How Dare You
Styles P - Like That
Ghostface & Sheek - Been Robbed / Bonus Track
Beanie Sigel - Kush Dreaming
Nas - Daughters
Ala Sole & Nyck Caution - Resurrection Of Real

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