Friday, 20 April 2012

Favourite Rap Tracks of 2012 So Far...

From now on I will be posting all the tracks that go into my 
"Rap's Finest 20xx" iTunes list every time i hear a new track that 
deserves a spot...wether it's sentimental value, production or lyrical value, 
or just plain ass dopeness...i will post the song including audio. 

Not every 5/5 track from my reviews makes this list though.
These tracks have that something special. My iPhone and iPad's playlist
consists of only those songs. I still have a lot years to add, 
but so far i've gone back to 2006...will be going back to 1993!

The first song of 2012 i added, was Yo Gotti's "Letter"...
So far almost 20 tracks have been added...they will all be posted.
Enjoy mu'fuckaz!

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