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Ah man, I love Mac Meezy! He just stays true to his self yo.
Seeing this album got released just made my day.
Mac's flow and delivery is still as dope as it ever was.
And on top the whole album is produced by Khayree who's
worked with Mall before and other's including the 
great Mac Dre (r.i.p.). Together they are flat out
doper than dope! Fuckin love it!

1. Mac Manifesto
'how the fuck we go from tupac to this pussy pop disco
cornball crossover shit that they claimin hip-hop'
On the fuckin money yo!! Mac Meezy goes off on the
intro and just says it like it really is. I'm so 
glad there's still true hip-hop artists that share my
sentiments exactly. Sick intro all around. 5/5
2. Dayz Like This
Incredible first track. The beat is just bananas!
Mall got his lyrical game on beginning to end.
Flawless! 5/5
3. My Room
Wow man, uptempo like hell, but what a combo
between these two. Again, the musical vibe and
Mall's lyrics & delivery is so on point. 5/5
4. The Rebellion Against... ft. Ray Luv
Another dope beat with a great Mall and equal
Ray Luv who bring meaningful lyrics to life. 5/5
5. Izm
Initially my least favourite track, but it has grown
on me. Pretty sweet to have that ol' skool gangsta 
vibe like this. Damn dope really but when the track
does a 180 halfway through, it turns into some
crazy shit. Musically sick! 4.5/5
6. War Drum Intro
7. War Drum
Crazy ass drums and instrumentation. The hook is
pretty crazy too and might have to get used to
but overall everything makes sense. 4.5/5
8. Get It In ft. Shima
Fuck me running! You would not expect an ol' skool
uptempo pop-rnb ballad type beat like a Kandi jam,
but man do i love it. Mac Mall on this is just 
awesome and Shima's hook and solo thing is
so damn tight and brings me back to the 90's. 5/5
9. Dre Mobbin
This one might seem like your everyday 
run-of -the-mill thizz type joint, but really it's
so much more. The whole beat
changes a quarter in, again props to Kayree,
and we're off to another unique piece of musical
genius that keeps on evolving. 
Damn this track kills it yo! My goodness! 5/5
10. From Tha Top (interlude)
11. Everythang
On a more slow tip, but shit it's beautiful. 5/5
12. For Love ft. Latriece Love
Keeping it more on the rnb side of things, this
is another dope track that shows another side from
both rapper and producer. They can do no wrong! 4.5/5
13. Round Here
Another solid track but feels less due to the
brilliance of the rest of the alb. Still, the whole flip
when the hook drops, is crazy. 4.5/5
14. Ain't Gonna Say Shit (interlude)
15. Country Ran By Thieves
Just like the album opened, the album ends with
sheer dopeness. This is by far one of the sickest
songs i heard in the last decade. 
The lyrics are so powerful and brought flawlessly by
Mac who just kills it with his flow and delivery.
The production is insane and together Mall & Khayree
delivered a true gem. That ending aswell...boy oh boy.
I had to add the audio for this one! Enjoy! 5/5
What more can i say. This album is simply insane.
Too bad not many people even know about Mac Mall and
how truly great this dude really is. And he has been doing
this shit since 1993 when he first dropped Illegal Business!!
Overlooked and underrated for real. 
But again, this album, i can't praise it enough.
Nuff said! Now fucking check it out already!
(also check out the even better 'Thizziana Stoned 
And The Temple Of Shrooms' album from 2006!)
Overall Score: 9.8/10

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