Monday, 14 May 2012



I don't really care for Cookin Soul per se, but they delivered 
some dope production for this latest (oh no not another one)-mixtape
from the allmighty one and only Fiend, Mr. International Jones.
The entire joint is pure gold with Fiend & Homies going
off on every track with the greatest of ease and smooth.
Very impressive is the track with Curren$y, "Champagne".
That track is just killer. Flawless hook and sound.
"Nobody Rides" with Daz & Kurupt is such a dope fuckin collabo!!
Awesome to see this happen..."Streetplayer" is another fire cut.
Basically nothing wrong here at all except it's fuckin short,
c'mon y'all...please don't be stingy with adding more
pepper & salt to the pot...oh well...
For whatever it is, like with Fiend's previous tape,
it's nothing but that goody good shit! Whomp whomp!!
Overall Score: 9.2/10

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