Sunday, 10 June 2012



Full circle yo.
This 3rd installment concludes the 3 part series.
Just like The Indictment & The Verdict, The Sentence is straight crack 
and has some darn sweet tracks. 3 for 3 in my book!
I already can't wait what he has in store for us next!
Here's the first single, and it's one hell of a track!!

1. The Sentence 1
2. Look Me In My Eyes ft. Max B
Great opening track. Even Max B does his thing.
Sick beat and an awesome Jacka. 5/5
3. We Out Here
Can't go wrong with a samle like this. Dope! 5/5
4. M.O.B. ft. Smigg Dirtee and Mobb Deep
Getting used to the beat at first, but this track
is pretty tight with a nice Smigg and so awesome to
have Prodigy and Havoc on here!. 4/5
5. Lately ft. J. Stalin
I was expecting a track like this to be on the alb
and it's so fly. Stalin is perfect once again. 5/5
6. Choosin Up ft. Smigg Dirtee
Smigg & Jacka got a nice combo going on.
This track is another great one. 5/5
7. Dago 2 The Bay (remix)
Dunno why this is on here but nonetheless
still a dope ass track, even this remix. 4.5/5
8. Blowin Money ft. Young Chris
Wish the beat would've been 'normal' and
more fitting with the rest of the album.
I wanted this to be a Jacka track feauturing
Young Chris, but it's the opposite and the
beat isn't even that good. Oh Well. 3/5
9. Around the World ft. Bueno & Dubb 20
That's more like it. Sounds like Rydah J Klyde 
shoulda been on this! Dope. 5/5
10. Stone Cold Gz
Typical beat and questioning the feature but
it's all good. More Jacka woulda been better. 3/5
11. Freedom Writers ft. Freeway & Hollow Tip
Love this one. Freeway is perfect and this is
more in Jacka's wheelhouse. Smooth. 5/5
12. The Sentence 2
13. Can't Go ft. Balance & Big Rich
Best track hands down. Very laid back and
that combined with Jacka's delivery and lyrics is
golden. Great RnB hook to top it off. 5/5

Like i stated before. 3 for 3 and this last album
is up there with the other two. I do think this
is not as good as 2nd. (This one does have two more 
tracks but also two tracks i'm not that keen on) 
Still, i can bump this album front to back on repeat, 
just like the others. Seriously, I can't wait for 
The Jacka's next project!
Overall Score: 9.1/10

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