Wednesday, 6 February 2013

BEEDA WEEDA - Mack'n & Trap'n & Rap'n Vol. 2

MACK'N & TRAP'N & RAP'N Vol. 2
Beeda Weeda is underrated. But he's so fuckin dope.
This might be a mixtape and sound like one with it's
transitions and Too Short interludes, but seriously,
this is too damn good to be called that.
I'ma call it an album, and it's one hell of one at that.
Not a single whack track here and most of them are
straight up 5/5 in my book, if not all but a few.
The production is tight and varies from
southern influenced type beats to straight 
up west coast bay area oakland livewire type joints.
And that's where this excels.
"Wet" is the perfect example and already track
of the year (including last year!). The Mekanix
delivered one of the best productions in years and
Beeda just rips it on every level.

It doesn't stop there. Following the awesome "Oaktown" 
with Too Short, is "Mack'n Mobb'n", another
instant classic and my second favourite of the alb.
And then "West Up" drops. HOLY FUCK!
Talk about reppin the west to the fullest! And that line-up!
7 minutes long with a beat change-up for every artist that
drops in. From Messy Marv to Cousin Fik, to Glasses Malone
to the best verse of them all: Mitchy Slick! Insane!

Some southern type joints are my only very small complaint here
but even with those tracks, Beeda kills his verses and proves
how great he really is. Dope release, but I can't wait for his
upcoming sophomore retail release!
Overal Score: 9.3/10