Wednesday, 6 February 2013


The trilogy comes to end. After "Dinner & A Movie"
and "The Coathanga Strangla", Brotha Lynch
finally drops 'Mannibalector" and though i have to
bump a few more times, this is without a doubt
the best of the three and will be a serious contender
for album of the year. It is brilliant in every single way 
(just like his move to Strange Music).
Creative juices flowing like crazy and the perfect
production team behind him. Simply amazing.

1. News Flash (Intro)
2. Krocadil
And off he goes. Mr. Mann is ripping it straight
of the bat. Fuckin insanely brilliant! Crazy beat
that you might need to get used to but upon truly
listening to Lynch's wordplay and content it 
all makes sense and it's all just beautiful.
And props to the sound effects intertwining
with the beat towards the end (that goes for the
whole album really). Great and truthful hook aswel. 5/5
3. Bacon N Eggs (skit)
4. MDK
Great lyrics and delivery over a crazy beat that makes
you listen to Lynch to the fullest, but falls a little
flat in the end. Could've been more. 3/5
5. Disappeared
Awesome backdrop sounds here. Love Lynch's flow
and little grunts during that first verse. 5/5
6. Fucked Up (skit)
7. Eating You (ft. Bernz & Wreckonize)
Takes some time to come together but 
what awesome lyrics and story.
Not too much a fan of the change-up, but it
surely is creative and adds to the brilliance. 4/5
8. Tha Package (ft. Yelawolf)
Sick sick sick. Great production with a hyper
lynch and nice little feature from Yela. Tech N9ne
should've been on this one aswell no? 5/5
9. Something About Susan (feat. COS, Irv Da Phenom)
Superb! I love this one. You wouldn't expect an RnB hook
on here at all, but for this one it works so well and
Lynch's style on a beat like this is golden. 5/5
10. The River (skit)
11. Can I Have a Napkin
An early favourite and still one of the best tracks
thanks to...pretty much everything! 5/5
12. Mask and Knife (ft. G Macc & Bleezo)
Going all out with that hook, but what a great blend
with the verses. All come correct and deliver a thrill ride
front to end. Crazy dope! 5/5
13. Meat Clever
First single and what a truly dope song this is (including the
amazing video). Perfect delivery, production, lyrics...
everything is simply mouth watering! 5/5
14. I Give Up (ft. COS)
Another great production from the underrated Justin 'Axis' Patton
(who also did "Meat' and several others for Lynch) 
making for a great track from both Lynch and COS. 5/5
15. Instruments (skit)
16. Stabbed (ft. Tech N9ne & Hopsin)
Mesmerizing! Listen to this with your eyes closed
and get lost in the mood and greatness of Lynch,
Tech & Hopsin who go all out. 5/5
17. Body On The Floor
Bloody fantastic this is! I mean, c'mon, the hook alone.
And then that crazy insane beat, holy crap! 5/5
18. Have You Checked The Children (skit)
19. Sweeny Todd
Man i love this beat, it's out of this world and perfect
for Lynch. It can't get any better. 5/5
20. Dead Bitch
I stand corrected, this is the penultimate craziness
perfect backdrop. Couldn't have finished the album,
nay, the trilogy, better than with this gutwrenching
track. I need not say no more other than...
fucking brilliant! 5/5

You know you're in for a treat with Brotha Lynch Hung
ever since Season Of Da Siccness dropped 18 years ago!
This trilogy was damn amazing, all three albums, but i think
Mannibalector was his finest. I can't wait for what's
in store next (hard to imagine how to top this trilogy though).
Here's the video for Meat Clever to keep things lingering...
Overall Score: 9.7/10

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