Saturday, 2 March 2013


From the Bay to Staten island, Raekwon hooks up with
DJ Fresh for the dopest collaboration since
David Banner & 9th Wonder. And seriously, Fresh pulled out all 
the stops and gave Rae some of his best material.
"Double Dragon" for instance is so damn fine and has
WU written all over it, it's fuckin fantastic! 
A lot more dopeness, but do have to bump some more.

1. The Tonite Show With Raekwon
2. Culinary School ft. Mean Doe Green
After a nice lil intro, the album drops that heat
out the bat with this dope cut reminiscent of the
good old Rae days. Mean Doe has a tight verse aswell
but really another Wu feature would make this even
better (goes for the rest of the alb too, but i'm not
complaining cuz Mean Doe is fly). 5/5
3. Mic Flips
Dj Premier couldn't have done it better. What a truly
masterful sampled beat! Fresh is on fire here and
Rae just puts the cherry on top! 5/5
4. Rae Words Interlude
5. Yin And Yang
Perhaps the lesser cut of the album but still
a great listen thanks to Rae and a really surprising 
but perfect switch-up in beat. 4/5
6. So Much On Your Body
I would not have expected an RnB type joint on here
but man is this track something great!
Sunny Valentine totally kills it with his vocals and
melodies. Rae coming in after 2 minutes seems odd, but
it's perfect really. Now this is vintage shit! Reminds me
of the Trackmaster Rap/RnB collabos from way back.
Anybody remember Changing Faces & Jay-Z? 5/5
7. Skit
8. Double Dragon ft. Mean Doe Green
Wu Syndicate goosebumps all over! This could've easily
been on that album and is my favourite type of Wu joint.
Hands down best track of the alb, and will most likely be
in my top 3 tracks of 2013. So damn good! 5/5
9. Bigger Gun ft. Mean Doe Green
Despite the slow tempo of this track, it's ridiculously fly!
Lovin the hook and Rae up-tempo flow. Tight! 5/5
10. Real Niggaz ft. Fashawn
Another great Wu-ish vibe type joint with a nice feature 
from Fashwan (nice to see him on here). It could
have had 2 more verses though (another Rae and Ghost
verse would've been perfect, no?). Little short. 4.5/5
11. Holes Of Hell
A little bit repetitive perhaps but still solid. Rae killed
it as usual but wish this had a wu feature. 4/5
12. Outro

As great as this little joint venture is, it's only downfall 
is its length,  i mean, c'mon son! Only 8 full tracks yo!
Double that with more of the same and this would
have undeniably been the one to beat this year.
Still, i bought my copy and however short it is,
it is such a great listen and on repeat non-stop!
Overall Score: 9.4/10

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