Thursday, 28 March 2013



Maybe there is hope for Detox after all?
After years of promising "The Nacirema Dream
coming soon", Papoose finally drops his debut album.
And so far this does not disappoint at all!
Pap's bravado and his awesome delivery. This cat
flows like there's no tomorrow! Production-wise I'm
very pleased it's right up his wheelhouse and what
a true NY hip-hop album should sound like!

1. Intro
2. Motion Picture
Straight out the gate Pap is killing it!
Just a pleasure to hear this cat flow. 5/5
3. Mother Ghetto
Keeping it Ol' Skool BK rap. The beat is
not much and though Pap's nice, it doesn't
do overly much. Still fly. 3.5/5
4. Aim Shoot ft. Mobb Deep
Great combo with the m o b b. Dope
cut that brings you back 10 years. 4/5
5. Skit
6. Cure ft. Erykah Baduh
Lovin the smoothness and Pap's storytellin.
Erykah is perfect here. Very nice. 5/5
7. Nacirema Dream
Prolly my favourite track. This is how i love it!
Great drums, melodies and a flow to match. 5/5
8. Pimpin Won't Die
Mellowed out and Pap makes it work aswell.
Kind of a Mase vibe happenin, 5/5
9. 6AM ft. Jim Jones & Jadakiss
Played out sample and an annoying sound
that's very repetitive. The features are not
helping here. Pap can't save this one. 2.5/5
10. Skit
11. Law Library Part 8
2nd fav track. Wish it was longer.
(Again hearing Mase here and i love it) 5/5
12. What's My Name ft. Remy Ma
Also overplayed samples, but it's nice yo.
Got ya bumpin ya head til the end. 
Not a fan of Remy Ma though. Could've used 
anyone else really. 4/5
13. On Top Of My Game ft. Mavado
Out of place. Beat is generic and Mavado's
hook doesn't help. It's not bad per se, but
along with everything else...might grow. 3.5/5
14. Faith
Thanks to the beat, you can really hear pap
shine here and killing his phrasing. Dope shit! 4.5/5
15. Turn It Up ft. DJ Premier
Glad Premier got a beat for Pap. It's no Nas/Premo
collabo, but it's still tight to hear. 4/5
16. Die Like A G
Nice little track, but the clap gets at me. Should've
had a more Havoc-ish feel to it. 3.5/5
17. Get At Me ft. Ron Browz
Oh oh, autotune alert. Why man? Thankfully the
track as a whole is pretty tight and Pap murders
his verses, so it's forgiven..kinda. 4/5
18. Where I Came From
This one seems even more outta place, but man
is Pap laying the smack down! Hardcore shit! 4/5 
19. R.I.P.
3rd fav. Lovin the sample. The whole album shoulda
been more like this. Not Pap's best flow at certain spots
though, but still...very dope track. 5/5
20. Alphabetical Slaughter Part II
I mean, how else to rate this? This is greatness. 5/5

After all this time (and numerous mixtapes, which i did not
want to listen to), it's really a pleasure to have Pap come
out with his debut album. What i love the most is the fact
he didn't sell out givin it's now 2013 (the year of commercial
hip-hop wannabe faggots) and the production is  true to NY rap
like it's suppose to sounds. Of course that comes with lesser
sounding tracks here and there, but again, a pleasure to hear
a retail full Pap album. I may have wished for more like
the title track type joints, but's all good in the hood.
"The Nacirema Dream is here!!"
Overall Score: 9/10

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