Saturday, 16 March 2013

Some explaining to do...

Someone asked me, 
'How come all your reviews are rated
9 and over? What about albums you don't like?' and 
'Where's  the difference, you seem to like it all the same?'

Really I should explain myself a little bit, because I do have
a different view on how i rate albums in general.
I must admit though, lately I have just been picking albums
that i like and listen to more carefully. I should, and will in the
future, review everything i get my hands on. Good or bad.
This doesn't mean i will ever review a Frank Ocean or Kendrick Lamar or 
Asap Rocky or Tyler The Creator. I draw a line, and those idiots 
are an abomination and will never get any love or respect from me. 
Giving them a 0/10 is already giving them too much attention. 
Let's get that out the way.
Anyway, I will attempt to review the bad aswell.

As for my ratings system. Basically anything 9 and over, are
albums i like/love and will buy without a doubt. Between 8-9
i still might buy but not per se, depends on the artist really.
Now, the real difference and distinction in albums lies in
the 10 points between 9 and 10. Really, you should consider
those decimals as a separate  scale from 1-10 as if it was 
the only rating to go on. I already know i love the album but to
have that distinction going, I hold value in those points.
An album that scores a 9/10 vastly differs from a 9.3/10.
The number of 5/5 tracks on the album, or how great those
tracks  are compared, play a big part. As do the amount 
of lesser or filler tracks. If an album has 7 truly amazing tracks 
that warrant an initial 9, yet the rest of the album is subpar, 
the rating will remain 9. If the rest is also good but
just not quite a 5/5, we're looking at bumping it up to anything 
from 9.1 to 9.5. Anything over 9.5 depends on those very few
tracks that just aren't doing it. That could be just one or 
two tracks, even 5 or more. The overall feeling and longevity 
(having the alb on repeat non-stop or not), 
eventually decide the final decimal there.

As for bad albums, it is the opposite. Really the difference
between giving an album 2/10 or 4/10 is very minimal. 
It's a bad album, period. Won't listen to it again, 
so no point in detailing. True? In the end it's all subjective of course, 
but I feel like I needed to explain just a little bit! 

PS: For those people who do love Asap Rocky or Kendrick Lamar, 
no disrespect to you for listening to them...but you should look 
elsewhere for reviews on the latest in rap music, because obviously 
this aint your genre to begin with! Preach!

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