Sunday, 24 March 2013


After bumping this one, it's pretty clear
this is the better of the two latest Regime albums. 
If you don't know the roster, here's the artists featured:
Yukmouth, Lee Majors, Dru Down, Ampichino, Freeze,
Young Bossi, Kuzzo Fly, Boss Tone, Chop Black, T Lew,
Rah Mean, Chino Nino, Monsta, BG Bulletwood,
and of course still Tech N9ne
(who was given the two worst beats on the alb).
The majority is of course Yukmouth himself who
kills every track he's on!

1. Dragon Gang Intro
The instrumental on this is so
reminiscent of Yuk back in the day, i wish
the album had more productions like this. 5/5
2. Who Me
Dark grimey beat with a nice musical backdrop.
Did not expect this to be that dope! 5/5
3. Its Dark
Even heavier than "Who Me", but man this joint
goes hard! Not too big a fan of Lee Majors' raw voice 
on this particular track, but Yuk & Amp got this. 4.5/5
4. Dreams
Awesome track. Great hook, superb verses and
a perfect beat to match it all. 5/5
5. Clam Chowdah
Typical type track, but Yuk lifts it. 4/5
6. Bonafied Husalah
Man, this is on some other shit. Love the sample
and everyone just rips it. One of my favs. 5/5
7. Im On
Loving this one. You know you can't go wrong
with a Matt Blaque hook! Very dope cut! 5/5
8. Rock N Roll
Ok, Dru Down AND Tech together? Awesome right?
Well not if you give them such a shitty beat and
annoying ass hook. Their verses are great but 
it's just not cutting it, a real shame. 1/5
9. Keys 2 The City
Another grand track. great production with verses
that flow smoothly and compliment each other. 5/5
10. Any Given Sunday
Unlike "Clam Chowdah", this one offers more and
has repeat value despite being the same track. 5/5
11. Regime Terrorist
Nice track, might sound a little generic, but when
this comes on, you're sucked in. 4.5/5
12. On My Own
I love these type of tracks man!
Something about hard ass verses over a smooth
beat with a nice RnB hook. It's what makes your
shit bubble i guess! 5/5
13. Do The Math
They could've done more with this. The beat is
just repetitive and if it wasn't for Yuk, it wouldn't
be much at all. Typical filler track. 2.5/5
14. It Was A Good Day
Now we're talking again. Way better production
with lasting appeal and better fit on the alb. 4.5/5
15. All Nighters
At this point, this type of track isn't cutting it
and seems more like another filler track
despite tight verse and an ok beat. 3.5/5
16. Whats Ya Name
Just not doing it for me. What happened to 
"regime killers"? And Grant Rice sucks major ass,
Not good enough and another shame for Nina. 2/5
17. Traffic Jam
Not bad, but like i just mentioned, I need a 
"regime killers" type joint now. Use the intro beat
or something! Anyway, this is ok-ish. 3.5/5
18. Lifestyle
Nice track, but nothing overly special. 4.5/5

Just bumping the album in the background is a much
better experience than having to actually listen track by
track to review it. So really, the album is better than
I'm going to make it out. The problem is the lesser tracks
that are scattered throughout the album. So just bump this
straight, and enjoy those stellar tracks this album does have.
Overall Score: 9.2/10
And here's the vid for "Keys 2 The City", pure dopeness!

Now as for "The Last Dragon" Album, after going back to it
for another listen, it has even less of a lasting appeal.
Only 5/5 track here is "Why Ask Why". Seriously?
 It has a few 4/5's (Go Nutz (Remix) is pretty dope)
but nothing to boast about. The album is filler basically. 
Hard to believe these two albs are so different.
Overall Score: 6/10


  1. yukmouth is real drank cir roc wit him in vip signed half bake

  2. i got both these tech n9ne kills it so does dry down lees majors .slam i see u homie tight music thanks grateful 4 it