Friday, 15 March 2013


Seven whole years we had to wait for JT's follow-up
(not counting Suite 806 of course), and finally the wait
is over, and lemme tell you: it was so damn worth it!
I've been bumping non-stop every chance i can get to take it 
all in, and every time another track catches my interest
(either all over again or for the first time) and that's saying 
it all. What JT and Timbaland have done here is musically
top notch and whether or not you're a fan (and i'm a big one),
you have to acknowledge the shear genius of these two.
Like with the previous album, the extended take on 
tracks and switcheroo in production and having
them push 7-8 minutes is simply brilliant.
Timbaland lost his touch years ago when he tried
to expand into different genres and really just went pop,
but this man is to music what Michelangelo is to painting.
Like R.Kelly tries to reinvent different types of music
within his own genre, so does Timbo, and this time
he succeeded big time. With the help of JT.
Like is said before, these two togehter is genius and
i believe they push each other to become even better.
I still prefer the old timbo of course (from RnB with Ginuwine,
to Dirty South with Petey Pablo & Bubba Sparxxx)
but listen closely and deeply to these productions here
and you can't help but admire the shit out of him!
And the Timbo touches are still there of course
(the indian sample on track 3, the drums on Mirrors
and his perfect feature on Dress On).
A perfect example showcasing his brilliance comes
halfway "Don't Hold The Wall" when things get switched
up a million times, with superb little instrumental
add-ons. Pretty much the whole album has things happening
that you really can't dismiss or judge this album with just
one or two listens. Just be amazed and take your time!
Now as far as Justin goes. Seriously dude can do no wrong
in my book and still has one of the coolest vocal styles.
Whatever Timbo did on the production, JT pulled it all off
equally on the vocal production. Again, brilliant.
Every single damn track! Whether uptempo tracks
(Let The Groove Get In) to complete mellowed out
(Blue Ocean Floor) to his distinct Pop/RnB groove
(Mirrors), it is all flawless and sounds superb.
The only track i wasn't feeling at first was
Let The Groove Get In, but like the title says,
you have to let it get in. Once you do, it's another
amazing track and add that other multiple discoveries
along the way (try and listen 10+ times) and you
have yourself a perfect and flawless album.
Though front to back it's one hell of a ride without 
skipping a beat, my personal favourites are:
"Strawberry Bubblegum", "Mirrors" & "Dress On".
Album of the year, hands down, any genre!
1. Pusher Lover Girl 5/5
2. Suit & Tie ft. Jay-Z 5/5
3. Don't Hold The Wall 5/5
4. Strawberry Bubblegum 5/5
5. Tunnel Vision 5/5
6. Spaceship Coupe 5/5
7. That Girl 5/5
8. Let The Groove Get In 5/5
9. Mirrors 5/5
10. Blue Ocean Floor 5/5
11. Dress On ft. Timbaland 5/5
12. Body Count 5/5
Overal Score: 10/10

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