Wednesday, 28 August 2013



Stevie Joe has done it! Dude done knocked out one
of the dopest and flyest albums this year and 
front to back this is just pure crack. There are
simply no flaws, no fillers, none of that!
Mind you, al lot of the props go out the production
aswell. The Mekanix got the tightest
all-round production of any album this year here.
This is what I love. There's a sense of whole
throughout the entire album and the use of drums
sounds and melodies is superb. And to top it all off,
4rAx's hooks are so damn fuckin dope! 
That's just the production though. What makes
all of this even better is Thuggy himself!
What a perfect combination! I wasn't too sold on
him when he first came on the scene (I remember even
trashing 80's Baby...that was stupid). But now dude
has completely won me over. And being backed by
The Mekanix, really nothing can go wrong. 
I bought my copy and have been bumpin in the ride
ever since for 2 weeks straight. Now I'm ready to review
this straight up! And every single track i have to give
a 5/5 here. Just like that. There might be tracks i favour,
but when you bump this album front to back and
in different surroundings (the whip, the crib, with headphones,
through ya system), it's clear this is a flawless album.
And the features add even more to it. From J. Stalin
to Shady Nate (my 2 favourite Livewire artists), Jay Jonah
to Lil Blood, Philthy Rich to Husalah, Kaz Kyzah to the man
himself 4rAx. I can't praise this shit enough!
One final thought. "Wanna Be Happy" is my favourite
track on here and should be on everyone's playlist.
Other stellar tracks: "Look Into My Eyes", "So Fresh",
"Stevie Joe", "On Me" & "Miss Me"...
I can't get enough of this shit yo! Look out Ghostface,
you might be dethroned for Album Of The Year!
Overall Score: 10/10

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