Tuesday, 15 November 2011



1. A-Alike B-Alike C-Alike
Great opening track with an ill beat
and Cappa is back y'all! 5/5
2. Darts Imports
A raw and gritty Cappa over a nice lil beat. 4/5
3. Energy Guard
Love me some wu kung fu samples.
Keeping it all wu here. Repetitive beat
maybe but it's all good. 4/5
4. Hoody Hoodpecker ft. Matlock & Killa Black
Man, this is that shit fo real. It's like a
GZA intro followed by an insanely dope beat
with Matlock making it sound like a Killarmy track.
Cappa is awesome and KB is cool. 5/5
5. Good Wine ft. Chedda Bang
This sample is the best and greatly used, sick beat.
Fucking hell this is nice! Chedda aswell. 5/5
6. Put God First ft. Solomon Childs & Inspectah Deck
Familiar beat but still sweet as and Rebel INS?
Nuff said. Plus Cappa tops it off. 5/5
7. Hold On
Radio Friendly single like the good ol Ghost tracks.
Very nice and some nice lyrics. 5/5
8. Honey Look Good ft. Inspectah Deck
Starts off pretty fly but then it just switches gear
and i'm like.... Too commercial soundin
to be on this album. But once past this... 4/5
9. For You ft. Killa Black
Ill beat with Cappa making it even better. 
Just wish the hook was done by Tekitha. 
Would've been the cherry on top. 5/5
10. Friendemies ft. Chedda Bang
Another nice feature from Chedda Bang and
Cappa does his thing towards the end. 4/5
11. Can't Believe It's Him
This is one hell of a dope song. Love the 
simplicity of the hook and the beat is just
crazy good and it all just works. It just works. 5/5
12. Cuban Link Kings
Such a shame the beat drops  so late and is so short 
cuz this track is bananas! Cappa at his best! 5/5
13. Trial & Tribularions
But then this track?? Fuck this is my favourite cut
off the alb and wish i could rate higher. 
And doesn't KB sound like meth? 5/5

Cappadonna has always been one of my favourite 
and The Pillage was and is a whole bunch of
awesomness and still remains untopped.
Cappa's previous albs always lacked great
production so most fell somewhat short. Until now.
Hands down one of the best Wu solo albs of the
last decade and pretty damn close to The Pillage.
And best cover of the year? Yup. 
Overall Score: 9.8/10

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