Friday, 18 November 2011



Curren$y has got himself a nice gang going on here
and this album just flows so smoothly with
some really tight tracks where all artists just
compliment each other. Very solid release!
1. Excellent
Curren$y, Trademark Da Skydiver and Young Roddy
deliver some great lines over a truly awesome beat!
It's quite a sound they've got themselves here, and it's 
all over the album. This track sets it all off. 5/5
2. The Business
Another great beat with Trade & Roddy killing it. 4/5
3. Paper Habits
This is one of my fav cuts of the alb. The music and beat
just cut straight through you and hits ya hard. 
Roddy is a beast here. Dude is awesome. 5/5
4. Exhale
Not a fan of this beat at all and not even Spitta can
save this one for me...edit: it has grown. 3/5
5.  Lop-Sided
From Exhale to this is like a 180, this is another fav.
Love the drums and that piano loop is sick. 5/5
6. 1st Place
Nice lil sample over a smooth beat with tight kicks.
Roddy & Mickey take it away. 5/5
7. The Set
Not sure about the first verse, but when the hook
comes back this track is legit..and again Roddy 
kills it. But DZA brings it down, not a good feature. 4.5/5
8. Nothing Less
Gotta love a rhodes-laced beat. This is on some
Tribe Called Quest type shit. I like it. 4.5/5
9. Picture Perfect
Having my favourite rapper Fiend on here i wish
the track itself was a lot stronger. But it's not. Fiend
does lift it for me, and it grows in time. 3.5/5
10. Blow Up
This doesn't really fit on here. It's an ok track and
Roddy kills it again, but it feels out of place. 3/5
11. Money Piles
Kind of annoying synths that sometimes kill the whole
track...the nice verses do however salvage it. 3/5
12. Pilots
A track that grows on you as it goes along. Once 
again Young Roddy is that dude. 4.5/5
13. Outro
Basically redundant having the same beat as the
first track, they could've done a lot more knowing
the amount of mixtapes these dudes drop. 

All in all a very tight release from Curren$y's camp.
Even though Spitta is on only three tracks, 
Young Roddy totally stole the show... Not a total fan
of Trademark, but that's cuz he's outshined by the rest.
It's a short album, but when I bump this album, it's
a damn joy and having 7 amazing tracks spread out over
the album does boost the album. I'm impressed. Period.
Overall Score: 9/10

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