Friday, 18 November 2011



1. Created A Monster
Hard beat with tight verses from both Quinn & Tuf
that make up for the lackluster hook. All in all it's
a nice track but lasting appeal is questionable. 4/5
2. Taliban Suicide
Not sure about this one. It's not bad but I would'nt
pick this song as a must-listen off the album plus
the kids chant throughout is annoying kinda. 3.5/5
3. Like me
First video of the alb, and it's a typical uplifting beat
with sone tight verses from both. 4/5
4. Rap Superstar
This is where the album truly starts and has found 
it's niche. Laidback beat with a smooth soulful hook.
What more do you want. And Tuf kills it. 4.5/5
5. Passion
More of the same. Tight hook/verse from Quinn 5/5
6. Guess Who
Uptempo club-type banga. Similar to 'Like Me' but
with less of a lasting punch. Not bad. 4/5
7. A Hustla's Hope ft. Big Rich
First great track with a nice feature from Big Rich. 5/5
8. On My G ft. Pep Love
Interesting beat and hook. The verses are tight. 5/5
9. Tryna Get Paid ft. TayDaTay
Favourite track of the album. This one is just killer.
The beat, hook, the verses, the flows...everything 5/5
10. Foolin Around
Awesome sample and great way of making it into a
track. Tuf's verse is just real. Love the beat's vibe. 5/5
11. Drunk In San Fransisco ft. B-Legit
First up big ups for B-Legit on here! Second,
i don't know how this sample works with the beat,
but somehow it does and it's crazy. Awesome! 5/5
12. Blade Runner
Very nice track to end the album. The beat is sick
and Quinn's hook is pretty dope, The verses from
Tuf and Quinn take it to another level. 5/5

Though somewhat short (2-3 more tracks maybe?)
this album does deliver and the combination of
San Quinn and Tuf Luv works extremely well.
Quinn has had a lot of collabo albs, but this one
is definitely up there as one of his better ones.
(nothing like his collabo with Messy Marv though)
The whole feel of the album is pretty mellow apart
from the two uptempo joints, but thats what i love here.
The raps shine through. Straight up street shit. 
Overall Score: 9.4/10

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