Tuesday, 20 December 2011



1. Waiting
This is sick...intro/track, whatever it is, it is awesome!
From the slowed down hook to those dope verses 
when that sick beat drops...love it! 5/5
2. What I Do
Took a few listens to realize this track goes truly hard.
Not just the beat, but jeezy goes off. Nice lyrics. 4.5/5
3. OJ ft. Fabolous & Jadakiss 
One of my favourites. The beat is crazy with great
samples and sounds. Both Fab and Jada kill it. 5/5
4. Nothing
This knocks. Great production and killer verses. 5/5
5. Way Too Gone ft. Future
At first it seems too slow and not going anywhere, but
after a few listens this offers a truly nice listen. Not a
fan of Future's verse. Shoulda been a bigger artist. 4/5
6. Supafreak ft. 2 Chainz 
Even though it features 2 Chainz, it's just not good
enough and one of my least favourite tracks. 2.5/5
7. All We Do
Not bad at all, but the hook is stupid and this is more
a filler track since it doesn't provide much. 3/5
8. Leave You Alone
A little soft but Jeezy has had similar tracks on his
previous albs, and he can pull it off. Ne-Yo is allright.
Have to be in a certain mood to likes this. 4/5
9. Everythang
Ah man, this is crack. Best hook on the album. 5/5
10. Trapped ft. Jill Scott
Dismissed this at first, but man, this is a nice joint.
Jill Scott actually contributes and i'm gettin more
into the beat and whole vibe. Listen truly. 4/5
11. F.AM.E. ft T.I.
Was worried this was going to be too radio-friendly
but nah, it's sweet. And T.I. kills it with his verse. 5/5
12. I Do ft. Jay-Z & Andre 3000
Really? How can you have jigga and 3 stacks featured
and still have a shitty song. It's way too dumb a hook and
honestly, both Jay-Z and Andre suck bad on top. 2/5
13. Higher Learning ft. Snoop Dogg & Devin The Dude
So does not belong here, but it's fly as fuck. 4/5
14. This Ones For You ft. Trick Daddy 
I love this one and sounds like classic Trick Daddy
material from back in the day. Again, i love it. 5/5
15. .38 ft. Freddie Gibbs
Now this is the one. Favourite track of the alb and best
beat hands down. Fuck me runnin! On blast! 5/5
16. Ballin ft. Lil Wayne
Despite having Lil Gayne on here (when i first had
a look at the tracklist i was actually praying, don't
have that bitch featured...but unfortunately...). Anyway,
he is actually not bad here and the beat and gizzle
make this track killer. Do have to deduct a point. 4.5/5
17. Lose My Mind ft. Plies
Growing on me every time but not quite on par with the 
rest of the album. But getting there. 3.5/5
18. Never Be The Same
Last track. This shoulda been big, Like TM101 big.
It's close but no cigar for me. Still, a sick track. 4/5

Having listened to Jeezy's previous albums aswell,
 it's obvious he delivers with each alb and really stays 
on the same level since he first came out with 101.
Still, that album is up there and 103 doesn't
really live up to it, but it comes close. It is however
better than his other 2 releases. Again, they're all pretty
close together with equal amount of 5/5 tracks:
one thing i love about Young Jeezy, is his consistency. 
All in all, this album delivers and is a must buy 
for any jeezy or dirty south fan. I'm ordering mine!
Overall Score: 9/10

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