Thursday, 5 January 2012



Totally let this fly by me. Heard good things about it
but the cover made me go nah. That was dumb.
After realising this is Donald Glover, Troy from Community,
I went back to peep it out and boi was I wrong. 
This album is something special seriously.
Once you get passed the fact that this is Troy and you
can take the album serious, you're in for a treat.

1. Outside
Not my favourite joint but it's a nice song
that really shines when the beat disappears and
you're engaged in Donald's raps and the hook. 4/5
2. Fire Fly
Feels like I've heard this before, but regardless
it's a nice lil track that doesn't stand out. 4/5
3. Bonfire
Donald goes off! Love this one. Not usually my
type of track, but it's Mr. Glover that gets the nod.
Great verses and sick beat. Love the rawness. 5/5
4. All The Shine
Like the first two tracks this a pretty dope song, but
wouldn't call this a favourite. Still great. 4.5/5
5. Letter Home
No drums, no rap, but having this on in the background, 
I still like listening to it. 3.5/5
6. Heartbeat
Wasn't into this at first with the uptempo beat and
then that heavy club synth coming through but
this is one of the best cuts of the album. Donald's
verses really make this awesome. Great hook. 5/5
7. Backpackers
Sick song. Period. Love the verses and Donald's 
whole flow and delivery is dope. 4.5/5
8. L.E.S.
One of my favourite joints. The hook is catchy as 
and the verses are truly great. Top notch. 5/5
9. Hold You Down
Hands down my fav track. Proves what talent
Donald Glover really is. Best beat, musically aswell.
Add perfect verses and hook to top it off. 5/5
10. Kids (Keep Up)
Sounds soft right? Still, this song is awesome. 
Another definite favourite thanks to the verses. 
Lovin all the strings throughout these tracks. 5/5
11. You See Me
A 180 with the previous track. Still dope, because
it is Donald Glover. He goes off on the last verse!
Any other artist on this and I woulda hated it. 4/5
12. Sunrise
One of my least favourites.Not feelin the hook
nor the beat. Donald is great but I can't get past
the beat or that annoying hook. 2/5
13. That Power
Last song and what a song it is. It starts off as a little
mediocre but after 1:50 something happens to the 
track and it is just amazing. And then when the track 
comes to and end we get an outro like Kanye's off
his first album (or Kia Shine's who did the same) or
even more so, Tela's intro to his classic album
"the world isn't enough", where we get a story told
over a truly dope instrumental track. I love these
type of songs a lot, especially if the beat is that good.
Which is the case here aswell. And I love this bus
story. Typical Donald/Troy (had to say it). 5/5

Looking at the individual scores, you might say
this is a good album, might say great. But really
that is not the case. It is way better than that. The fact
is when you listen to this album as a whole and truly
listen to everything and just sit back and relax it is,
well fantastic. I had to get used to the a-typical rap
and the fact Troy from Community is rapping, 
but really Donald Glover deserves praise. For everything
he does and he is a great lyricist and producer.
He might channel Kanye West in his songs and style,
 but after a dozen listens, you forget that feeling.
The album has its own merits. That says a lot.
Overall Score: 9.5/10

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