Tuesday, 10 January 2012



Too bad it's a mixtape because i would have loved 
to have this one as the follow-up to last year's 
awesome Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang. 

After a few more listens though, i just hope some of
these tracks really will make it to a retail alb.
I take back my initial statement because really
there are too many features by Rae's artists.
Mobb Deep, CNN, LEP Bogus Boys, Styles P,
Busta Rhymes & Fred Da Godson not included.
All those tracks are pretty sick.
Overall the album's quality is lacking a little but
that doesn't mean it has some really dope songs.
Here are my favourites which are all 4.5 & 5/5:

Pinebox Story, Silk, Luxury Rap, Chinese Marines, 
This Shit Hard, Soldier Story, A Few Good Men, Chupa Cabra, 
Facetime (i know it's not a Rae track, but this reminds 
me of the good ol RnB days) and Gangsta Cazals.
That makes 10 tracks i truly love/likes. 
There aren't really any bad tracks here, except maybe
The Brewery which sounds bland as. 
Also, that intro instrumental is amazing, that should've
been a whole track with just Rae on it.
Seriously can't wait for Rae'a next official drop, this is
heading in the right direction. 
Overall Score: 8.5/10

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