Tuesday, 21 February 2012



Already his 7th studio album...dude is a beast.
However short this album is (always a negative for me),
it is another fine ass notch in Spitta's belt...
Not going to review the bonus disc with
Sean Connolly's folk acoustic music, although for those
who enjoy, it is a pretty fly addition.
I'm more focused on the main ingredient here:
Curren$y spittin over live drums and beats you wouldn't
expect, although we are talking about Spitta. 
I love that dude is not a sellout and does what he wants to do.
And he does it superb. The beats on here are grand. 
It could've easily been the next project from The Roots.
Every track stands out for me. Though top props
for the Fly Out songs, Frosty, The Strangest Life
& Bout It 2011, which is a nice lil ode to where
Spitta came from, and one of my favourite era's in rap:
No Limit Records. This is a nice twist on Master P's classic.
I love it. But really, the other tracks, NO Shit,
Razors and Chopsticks, Not So Much & Soundbombin
are all dope as fuck aswell. But it is still short as fuck!
If it had a couple more tracks and couple more verses
on some of the cuts here, this would be a flawless album.
However it is that good that I will overlook this in my rating.
In anyway, Spitta delivered and you gotta love his hustle.
Overall Score: 9.2/10

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