Saturday, 25 February 2012



Short dog is back y'all! With what, his 19th album?
Crazy! Gotta love this dude's consistency.
A lot of these tracks are exactly what i 
wanted and expected from Too Sheezy.

1. What The Fuck
Starting the alb with a bang! The beat isn't all that really
but the guitars make it rough as and Short Dog sure 
makes the most of it. The hook is so simple but the way 
Short delivers it after his verses is golden. Dope! 4.5/5
2. Get Her Like
Dope beat and Short does his thing. The usual content but only 
Short can get away with it for 19 albums. 
The second part of the hook is kinda soft for me, but overall
it's a sick track. 4.5/5
3. Playa For Life
Typical track with a pretty cliche vibe but the verses 
make this stand out a lil more. Not sure about the hook, 
it's kind of too RnB-ish for me, but it'll do. 3.5/5
4. Trying To Come Up
NIce track overall, nothing that wows, but it's pretty sweet 
and i'm likin the hook. Nice verses. 4.5/5
5. Cush Cologne
Bumpin. Nothing more to say really. Beat is cool 
and both verses and the hook are on point. Nice. 4.5/5
6. The Magazine
Now we're talking. Too Short spittin some dope verses
over a really chill yet uptempo beat with a catchy hook
to go along with it. The ending is real tight. 5/5
7. I Got Caught
Very relax joint but that hook is sweet as. Different for
Too Short, but he makes it work. 4.5/5
8. Im A Stop
Favourite track of the album. The beat is just fly and adding 
Devin The Dude on the hook and having 50 Cent 
& an awesome Twista feature make this even better. 
Too Short & 50? Who knew...dope! 5/5
9. Hog Ridin
More dirty south soundin and initially i wasn't on board
with this hog ride but it grows on ya so much. And Richie Rich
is a slapper! Best feature of the alb next to Twista. 4.5/5
10. Porno Bitch
Seems recycled like i heard it before, but nonetheless 
it's a dope song. Short's verses are what's up. 
"i need a porno star, i got a big ass dick, i was born hard"...
classic shit right there! 4.5/5
11. Shut Up Nancy
Kokane is perfect on here. At first i wasn't feeling it but again 
Short's lyrics make this a must. Dope hook on top. 4.5/5
12. Boss
Nice track for real. Wish it featured maybe someone else, 
but Silk-E been in the game forever, 
it is nice to see them together again. 4.5/5
13. Hey
Not bad, but i'm not totally sold on this one. 
Loose Silk-E on this one have a rougher vibe overall 
and it would've been better maybe. Still allright. 3.5/5
14. Money On The Floor
Kind of disappointed with this one perhaps. A Too Short & E-40 
collab should be top notch. Still a cool song but nothing 
that will make this a keeper months from now.
Hopefully their collabo album will be better. 4/5
15. Double Header
This is like a leftover track from when E-40 first started 
doing hyphy shit. It's not bad but kinda played out. 3.5/5
16. Respect The Pimpin
It's pimpin pimpin! Laid back like a muthafucka. 
Snoop & Short make the most together. Nice joint for real. 4.5/5
17. Da Boom Cha
Seriously this is annoying. Not feeling this at all. 
What a shit way to end the album. Should've been left off 
and let the alb finish with the Snoop collabo instead. 0/5

19 albums and so many of them classics so it's kind of hard 
to not compare this latest release to any of them.
But luckily Too Short has the ability to make any album 
stand on it's own, whether it's Lil Jon on the boards or Jazzy Pha, 
or Short Dogg himself. Whether it's all pimpin, dirty south clubbin or 
gettin hyphy retarded, one thing's clear: Too Short makes it all his own. 
If i must compare this album to his previous albums, 
it's falls short. Married To The Game, Album Number Ten, 
Can't Stay Away, What's My Favourite Word, Blow The Whistle, etc...
they were all better overall. 
Still, i have to say i thoroughly enjoy this album because 
it is Too Short and he hasn't lost his touch one bit. 
Bumpin this in the whip or at the gym or chillin at home, 
it's all damn fuckin gravy...BITCH! 
Overall Score: 9/10

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