Saturday, 21 July 2012



Even without Paul & Juice on the boards this is Memphis rap 
at it's finest. Another dope album under Wyte's belt for sure
with some serious standout tracks and great features!
1. Intro
2. I Do It 
With all his other albs, the first track was always
straight killer and set the alb off in the right way.
Here i don't feel the same. The beat doesn't offer
much though Wyte comes with some nice verses. 
Still, Lil Wyte is back! 4/5
3. Stoner Night
Love the saxophone here. The combination of
those hard memphis drums with the mellow musical
vibes is just dope. The hook could be a little more 
engaging but damn this is a nice track. 4.5/5
4. Sold My Soul ft. Pastor Troy
Boi oh boi, Troy & Wyte together on a track alone
makes me smile in advance, but the track is even
better than it promises! Absolutely love this. 
Vintage 'face/off' Troy too. 5/5
5. U Don't Know Me
Hard beat that doesn't go all the way. Wyte can't
lift it much higher either, but not bad overall. 3.5/5
6. All Kinds Of Drugs ft. Young Buck & Lil Will
Not feeling the beat too much. Too generic and lacking
melody, same for the verses and hook. 3/5 
7. Show Some Skin ft. Bubba Sparxxx
Another tight collabo i always wished would happen.
And it pays off. Now this beat is how it's done.
That plus a way better hook and sick verses,
that's what i'm talking bout. And finally some
new Bubba Sparxxx! 5/5
8. I'm Going Home ft. Big Lazy
Well, flipping it with this one. And it's awesome.
The hook is golden and Wyte's verses over an
eerie beat sucking you in, is all i want really. 5/5
9. Call Us (interlude)
No Wyte on here (hence interlude), and it shows
a little. Lesser beat and raps. 3/5
10. M.E.M.P.H.I.S. ft Al Kapone
Nice rep song. Shit goes hard and it's awesome
to see Al Kapone on here. Good lookin Wyte! 4.5/5
11. Gun Down ft. Frayser Boy & Partee
Frayser Boy & Lil Wyte always work great together.
Another solid track. Love the horrorcore memphis vibe. 4.5/5
12. Welcome 2 The Gathering ft. Lord Infamous
Keeping the M-Town flowing with this one.
Unusual beat and so different from Paul & Juice's
production, but Wyte is dope on it. Lord Infamous drops
a worthy 'triple six' verse and it's great to hear this
in 2012 like nothing ever changed. Dope! 4.5/5
13. Yea Hoe ft. Shamrock
Can't front, the slightest Paul/Juice influence and
shit knocks your boots off. Sick track. 5/5
14. Get Em Out Of Durr ft. Partee
Nice track, but nothing special per se, though
i do like the wyte's verses and lyrics. 4/5
15. Sike ft. Miscellaneous
Well fuck, this i would not expect. At least not the
fact that is is dope as fuck! Crazy! 5/5
16. Lesson Learned
Another type of beat you wouldn't see Wyte on,
but once again he kills it. Great verses. 4.5/5
17. Money Train Gang
Shiiit, if this doesn't make you hyper. Fuck it! 5/5
18. Wyte Speaks
19. Money ft. Miss Wyte, Partee & Project Pat
My favourite track. Everything here is perfect. 
I love a fast-flow-wyte and it's why he's still
in my top 10. Pat is equally dope. 5/5
20. Lost In My Zone
First single and when i first heard i was afraid the
new type of production would hurt Wyte in a way. 
But just like this track, it grows on you and it's
just a nice change-up. 5/5

Take this for what it is and the real Lil Wyte fans 
will really appreciate this album and bump it front
to back and just vibe to it. There's only a few filler
type tracks, but the overall feeling when listening
to the album (especially in the background) is
very satisfying and I love it. Period. Still,
it's no "Blame It On The Bay"!
Overall Score: 9/10

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