Saturday, 21 July 2012



1. The Truth 
Opening track that delivers with solid rhymes
and a dope beat with eerie sounds. 4.5/5
2. To Whom It May Concern (Letter To The Bay)
Now this is a great track. More of the same
awesome production and Philthy giving it
to you raw. Sick piano on the hook. 5/5
3. All I Have ft. Sam
Another dope cut with a nice little hook.
Loving the instruments in the beat. 5/5
4. They Aint Authentic
Turning up the hardcore with this one.
There's just something about Philthy that
hooks you in. Dude is just raw. 4.5/5
5. Kill Zone
Man, this track is ridiculous. Awesome
intro that turns straight into one of the best
cuts of the album. Harder than a mutha. 4.5/5
6. A Seminary Nigga
Prolly one of my favourite cuts here. If you can
truly experience the bass, this is hella dope.
You can get lost with this one. 5/5
7. Project Living
Not hyped about this one. Nothing special. 3.5/5
8. My Mex Bitch
Typical Philthy track that does the trick. 4/5
9. Money To Be Made
More gangsta shit. At this stage Philthy proves
he doesn't switch things up that much with his raps,
but he still grabs your attention. 4/5
10. True Religion Shawty
Beat is pretty chill and more of the same
from Philthy, but it's just golden. His flow here
seems a lil more hyper and i love it. 4.5/5
11. Light It Up
Awesome track. Great sample and everything
is just perfect here from beat to rhymes. 5/5
12. I'm Just Pimpin
The mechanics always deliver and this is another
solid joint with Philhty getting his Messy Marv on. 4/5
13. Renegade Alert.
Well damn man. Philthy goes so fuckin hard here
blasting on all his past hoes (even does the video justice),
it's just ridiculous. Only Philthy. 5/5
14. #TeamPhilthy
Dope beat once again and lovin the hook. 5/5
15. Insecure
Nice little joint here with a great feel and hook. 5/5
16. 3 Bitches At The Same Time
Getting cozy and smooth ere. It's dope. Period 4.5/5
17. Thinking Of You
With a sample like this you can't go wrong. 
Philithy does it proper but it could've been more. 4/5
18. Fallen Soldiers
Kind of feels short in ways, but it's allright. 3.5/5
19. I'll Find A Way
A-typical for Philhty but i like it's on the album. 4.5/5
20. Dead Beat
Perfect way to end the album. Deep shit. 4.5/5

Truthfully, Philthy Rich doesn't really add much different
to the game or offer anything special per se, but he sure
is consistent and knows exactly what he's about and can do.
As great as he is, there's so many more artists out of the bay
i put ahead of him, but i still look forward to everything he does.
He's an acquired taste allright, but to those who love him,
he just delivers with every album as he does with this one. 
Just bump it front to back on repeat and just chill to it, and
let it grow on you with every listen. You'll be surprised.
Overall Score: 9/10

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