Friday, 26 August 2011



1.  King Of The Streets (Feat. T-Pain)
Starts off like any other T-Pain featured track
but when Ace comes in, it knocks. Initially rated
higher, but this one does wear off...still fire 4/5 
2.  Go N Get It
Harda than a mu' i like it....Ace goes off.
Simple but effective 4.5/5
3.  Errythang (Feat. Yo Gotti)
More of the grimey feel and Yo Gotti is a nice addition.
The production is nice but lacks in the sweet spots 4/5
4.  Hustle Hard
Very similar to Go N Get It, but goes even harder.
The chorus is sick. Hustle hard and bump it hard 5/5
5.  Body 2 Body (Feat. Chris Brown)
Not feeling this. As soon as the beat starts you
know it's gonna be doo doo. Kinda bitch made overall. 2/5
6.  Memory Lane (Feat. Kevin Cossum)
Great sample taking you back. Ace flows nicely over it.
Not feeling the hook nor the dude though. 
Too much Kid Cudi-ish whom I loath. 
Overall doable thanks to Ace's zest. 3.5/5
7.  Letter To My Exs
This is that crack fo real. Awesome verses and the beat
makes it even better. Ace did this one. 5/5
8.  Beautiful (Feat. Kevin Cossum)
A better effort from Kevin Cossum though still
should've used maybe Jeremih on the hook. Not bad. 4/5
9.  Lord Knows
Mellow track and nicely produced but besides Ace
laying it down it doesn't offer much more. 3/5
10. Bitter World
2nd Least favourite track of the alb. Ace flows
like every new young rapper out there and it
shits me. The beat is nice though. 2.5/5
11. Spoke To My Momma
I love this one. Everything just works. Beat is chill,
Ace is hood and the whole song is crack. 5/5
12. Hustle Hard (Remix) (Feat. Rick Ross And Lil Wayne)
Even though it's the same, Ross and even Lil Wayne add to
the original. This is what Wayne should've been on C4. 5/5

I never thought Ace Hood could come out with this. 
I admit the album migth wear of after a while (took time to review)
but the stand-out tracks still make you wanna come back
for anotha listen. I sure have bumped the hell out of it and
will definitely cop this. And don't judge a book by it's cover
(the cover is very questionable right?)
Overall Score: 8.5/10

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