Sunday, 21 August 2011



01. “Theory” 11. 1. 11
Nice little intro right here, nothing more nothing less.
02. Fuck You

Not bad for an opening track but it feels like it's missing something 3.5/5
03. Drums N Shit (produced by Deputy)
Holy shit...loud ass production, very appropriate title but man i like it.
Wale goes ape and the beat is bananas, perfect combo right? 4/5
04. Chain Music

Starts of generic, but the good kind. Very dope cut and that hook
with Ricky is catchy as. Wale sounds on a roll 4.5/5
05. Lacefrontin

Ol' skool in the house with this one. Ill beat and again
Wale fits on it like a glove. Lets get it on! 4/5
06. Mother Nature (Slow Jammin) (produced by BuBu)

Flippin it on the slow side here but it sure delivers along with
Wale whomaybe  could've been a lil better, but it's a nice listen 4/5
07. Barry Sanders (produced by DJ Toomp)

I love DJ Toomp, especially his snarework. Not sure what he was
going for with this one, but thanks to Wale the whole thing works 4/5
08. Bait

This track hits you in the face like Ruga Rell, hard as hell. Sick one 4.5/5
09. Passive Aggres-Her (produced by Sonny Digital)

Now this is on some laid back shit. It is awesome to say the least and
Wale proves he sure can flow. Lovin the hook and whole vibe 5/5
10. Fairy Tales (feat. Lil Duval) (produced by Lil C)

Another dope production, this time from Lil C, who knew. 
Wale makes the most of it once again. 4.5/5
11. Ocean Drive (feat Black Cobain, Magazeen & Tre)

Not totally a fan but it's not a bad track . Wale is nice though 3.5/5
12. Samples N Shit
Man you gotta love this one. Wale grabs your attention off the bat. 4.5/5
13. Ambitious Girl, Pt. 2 (feat. J. Holiday)

Not a fan of J H and not a fan of this track...what a boring hook. 2.5/5 for Wale
14. Let’s Chill (feat. Lloyd)

More RnB ish and just like the previous track not a huge fan. Skip? 2.5/5
15. Pick.. Six

I'm still on the fence with this one. 3/5
16. Varsity Blues

Gotta call it, favourite track of the alb! Awesome concept and one
hell of beat with some dope verses delivered righteous by Wale. 5/5
17. Underdog (produced by Hit-Boy)

Lovin the verses and the beat keeps you vibin all the way till the end. 4.5/5
18. The Podium (feat. Black Cobain, Tre & Tone P)

Takes a while to hit it's stride, but once it does you're hooked.
Nice features all around and nice lil hook. 4.5/5
19. Globetrotters (Hidden Track)

Sick beat but Wale does not do it total justice with that flow. Still tight. 4.5/5

Even though it's a mixtape, i had to review it...and my first thought? Thank god
it doesn't sound like a mixtape. This could've easily been his follow-up to
Attention Deficit. Not sure why it's not. The production is seriously on point
and Wale sounds better than ever. Very nicely done.
Overall Score: 8.5/10

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