Wednesday, 31 August 2011



01. What Up (Slim Thug, Dre Day, J-Dawg)
Lovin the bass heavy beat. The verses could've been
better maybe, but all in all not bad. 4/5
02. Biz (Slimt Thug, Mug, Dre Day)
Mediocre filler track. Doesn't offer much to my
enjoyment or satisfaction. One nice verse though. 3/5
03. Top Of The World (Le$, Slim Thug, Dre Day, J-Dawg)
Chill as, especially when thugga comes knockin through
with his verse. The hook drags a lil, but it's forgiven. 3.5/5
04. Concrete (Le$, Slim Thug, Mug)
Bumpin this on blast is whasup. Nothing lyrical, but in
the whip this gets my props. Slim is hella dope here but
Mug fucks it up with his flow. 4/5
05. Bang (Mug, Slim Thug, Le$)
Similar to previous track but doesn't hold
the same punch. 3.5/5
06. Anybody Can Get It (Le$, J-Dawg, Slim Thug)
Switchin it up with the production. Not bad but it
lacks in lasting power. The piano that comes through
halfway the first verse is a nice touch though. 3/5
07. Shut Yo Hood Down (Le$, Dre Day, Slim Thug)
Like the sample in this one a lot. It grows on ya 
even more when Slim starts spittin. 
Nice lil hook and that bassline is sick. 4/5
08. If I Don’t (Dre Day, Slim Thug, J-Dawg)
More use of excellent samples. Love the vibe, but the verses
(beside Slim's) and the hook shoulda been on par with it. 3.5/5
09. Helping Hand (Slim Thug, Mug, J-Dawg)
First truly great track of the alb. The hook sells it and 
all come correct for a change. 4.5/5
10. No Moe Pain (J-Dawg, Slim Thug, Herbman)
Nice track yo. Mellow vibe with hard lyrics. A combo to dig.
Great verses and beat, a fly hook, all good. 4/5
11. Fucking This Game Up (Slim Thug, Mug, Dre Day)
Another chill joint with nice drums and sounds. 4/5
12. Hogglife (Slim Thug, Dre Day, Blk, Mug, Le$)
And it continues. Smooth uptempo track with killer
instruments. Overall very soothing. 4.5/5
13. Turn My Knock Up (Slim Thug, Mug, Le$)
A mixture of the first and second half of the alb.
Not bad at all. In the whip it knocks. Dope. 4/5
14. Murder (Dre Day, Le$, Slim Thug)
Seems like a recycled version of the previous track. What?
Not sure how you can pull that off. But it's all gravy. 3.5/5
15. Roofless (Hoodstar Chantz, Lil Ray, Sir Daily, King Rashee, Blk)
Favourite track. Sick beats that keeps you on a high and all
artists bring some to the table. 4.5/5
16. Get It (Blk, Mug)
Excellent closure for the alb. Very chill again. 4.5/5

Overall this album is indeed a smooth ride all the way through.
To really bump it for the sake of just listening to it and marvel,
it falls a little short...but in the background while cruisin,
the net or the streets, it's defintily worthy of repeat. 
It might still grow on me though. So far no 5/5 tracks although
Roofless comes close. 2nd half of the alb is superior and
Slim Thug stands out of course.
Overall Score: 8/10

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